HOLLYWOOD – NASA have come out and slammed Alfonso Cuarón’s new film Gravity, saying that ‘it obviously was not filmed in space, as the director has repeatedly claimed.’ 

Professor Humbert Less gave a Powerpoint presentation which involved clips from the film to which he pointed with a long white stick to prove factual inaccuracies and what he called ‘give-aways that conclusively proved that some kind of special effects trickery was used.’   

Prof. Less further stated:

I find it highly unlikely that Mr. Clooney and Ms. Bullock ever went into orbit, Mr. Clooney certainly did not challenge anyone for a record space walk. As for the ‘story’ of the film, the exploding shuttle and the satellites must somehow have been made via models or a computer, because it just looked too dangerous and we would have noticed that amount of activity going on on our special scanners.

 Cuarón responded by saying that NASA:

Should shut its fat f*cking face. I did it in space. Clooney did it in space. So if you’re saying I didn’t you’re also calling my son a liar and George Clooney a liar. And Sandra Bullock from The Blind Side a liar! 

 Gravity is in theatres now.