SEOUL – Last year the world was rocked by the K-Pop sensation PSY and his ubiquitous Gangnam Style video which spawned a multitude of parodies as well as being a massive success in and of itself.

However, time has not been kind to the rapper and music innovator. He spoke exclusively to Studio Exec.

PSY, when can we expect the next internet sensation and pumping pop anthem?

Well, Studio I’m glad you asked me that. I’ve been writing and writing but nothing seems good enough. The problem I think is I set the bar too high. The expectation in the rest of the world is enormous. In Korea, I do very well, but on the international stage it’s only Gangnam Style and that’s it. And I’m sick of it. I want to show the world that I have a lot of different ideas. Not just Gangnam Style, Gangnam Style.

So what are the ideas?

I’ve been working on a new sexy song called Bangbang Style, which is going to have everyone hot under the collar and then Flimflam Style is probably going to be a B side. I’m also interest in getting into film soundtracks. 


Yeah. Ben Affleck called me up and asked if I’d do a new song for his new movie and of course I said yes. It took me a long time and lots of different versions before I finally came up with something that will be worthy of the opportunity.

So what is it?

Batman Style. 


PSY’s new album ShimSham File will be available from iTunes and all good record stores shortly. 


Location of Chuck

  GUAM  – Early this morning Chuck Norris was dispatched to Guam, in the North West Pacific Ocean, and will be ready to be launched in a matter of hours according to our Pentagon sources.

‘This is not an empty gesture,’ said a source close to Chuck Hagel. ‘We are looking at North Korea’s increasingly belligerent stance and Norris is exactly the kind of precaution that any sensible President would like to have at hand.’
The move comes in response to a startling proliferation of nuclear activity on the North Korean border and noises from regional players Russia and China that an attack on US bases in Japan was a distinct possibility. An observer argued:
Got a Horsie Loves to Ride-y

There is very little that we know about what is actually going on inside North Korea. Rumors have it that Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, was angered by K.Pop sensation PSY and the popularity of the South Korean singer’s Gangnam Style, when his own single ‘Got A Horsie Love to Ride-y’ languishes at number 78 in the North Korean charts, despite being a totalitarian despot.

 The truth is the song is weak and has a chorus that is instantly forgettable. Some, however, have criticized the Obama administration for deploying Norris without first considering other options. ‘Steve Guttenberg is free,’ said Sen. John McCain.


HOLLYWOOD – The K-Pop hit single and internet sensation Gangnam Style is to be a major motion picture, the Studio Exec can exclusively reveal today. It will be directed by Justin Linn and involve PSY playing both himself and his unfortunate goofy twin brother.

The official synopsis reads:

When famous K-Pop sensation PSY is threatened by some high rolling gangsters angered by his spreading of fun via dance they decide to kill him and he has to go into hiding in a small village. However, unbeknownst to him, his long lost twin brother from the village PSX is visiting the city and is mistaken for PSY. There are lots of larks got into, but in the end everything is resolved by the irresistable joy of the Gangnam Style dance.

The film also stars John Goodman, Denise Richards and Charles Dance. Shooting is slated for late Spring.