NEW ZEALANDPeter Jackson‘s long awaited Hobbit prequel Young Gandalf finally has its star: One Direction singer and teen-heartthrob Harry Styles.

Set forty years before the events of The Hobbit, Styles will play Gandalf the Orange, an apprentice sorcerer yet to win his magic staff and who has to graduate from Warthogs Academy of Wizardry. Jackson and screenwriter Fran Walsh spoke to Studio Exec during a break from filming one of the Hobbit films.
Fran Walsh:

We get people coming up to us all the time saying, is it going to end really? Is it ever going to end? Please tell us that this is ending, right? And it’s obvious what they’re actually saying is are you going to do another one. And the answer is yes.

Peter Jackson:

Tolkien never actually wrote much about Gandalf when he was young but Tolkien didn’t write and direct an Oscar winning and massive commercial blockbuster like The Return of the King, so I think we can start to branch out on our own. F*ck Tolkien, is what I say. I’m gonna do what I want to do.

Fran Walsh:

What Pete means to say is though we revere the work of the great Tolkien and the imaginative universe he created…

Peter Jackson:

No, that isn’t it at all Fran. What I want to say is f*ck Tolkien. F*ck him up the Moria hole. I’m sick of him. 

Fran Walsh:

It is quite liberating. Fair dinkum, Pete. F*ck Tolkien.

How excited are you about working with Harry Styles?

Fran Walsh:


Pete Jackson:

Hugely. He has an enormous teenage fanbase who would jump off a cliff for him. So they’re easily going to come and see a series of five hour long fantasy films in 3D at 48 FPS and new squiggle vision.

Young Gandalf will begin filming in 2017.


WELLINGTON -Peter Jackson came out today with the shock revelation that The Desolation of Smaug – his second film in the unnecessary The Hobbit trilogy – will not feature any actual Hobbits.

‘You know,’ said the Frighteners director. ‘We’re all kind of bored of the little bastards.’

Jackson revealed shortly after releasing the first teaser trailer for the middle film that he has decided to go ahead with dwarves and elves instead.

What happens is Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) gets hit on the head at the very beginning of the second movie. He’s out of it and Gandalf and the dwarves go on the next third of the adventure and meet a bunch of people that’ll remind you of a time when you gave a shit about Middle Earth and all this bunkum. 

The film will feature the return of Orlando Bloom as Legolas. Jackson admits that the prospect was daunting at first:

We’d managed to kind of forget about Bloomy and I don’t know what he’s been doing but he hadn’t made a film for some time and everyone was very happy about that. In the end though we thought let’s just rehash some more shit and see if the teeny-boppers still remember who he is. So there it is. It isn’t like I have any artistic credibility left to lose, is it?

  The Desolation of Smaug threatens to be out around December, this year.