HOLLYWOOD – The release of further pictures from the upcoming Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice confirmed that Wonder Woman will be played by a female actor: Gal Godot.

In photos released by Entertainment Weekly, the gender of the lead characters can be clearly seen, with Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) as a hippy, Superman (Henry Cavill) as a Christ like figure, Batman (Ben Affleck) looking like fatman, and Wonder Woman WEARING A DRESS.

The news came as a stunning revelation, following in the wake of the atrocities of GamerGate, the Vietnam of Reddit Revolt and some other third thing.

Top internet manist Herbert Frank had this to say:

First we have the all female Ghostbusters – which is just like raping my childhood – yes ‘raping’ it – and then we have the news that even Thor might be played by a ‘girl’. Then BANG! in the new Dawn of Justice picture Wonder Woman is actually being played by a woman, and to make matters worse a woman whose first name is Gal. As if she was just rubbing it into my man tears.

Zack Snyder responded to the controversy with unwarranted insouciance:

What? Is this a joke? I mean, it’s in the name. Wonder. Woman.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released in 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – David Fincher will direct a new film based on the Gamer Gate ‘scandal’ set to star Stephen Baldwin and Rooney Mara from a screenplay by David Mamet.

The Social Network director said that the film would be ‘a kind of sequel’ to The Social Network:

In The Social Network we looked at the troubled lonely male who finds a way to power. Although he invents a social networking site, he himself is socially inept. In fact that’s basically why he does it. Roll on to the world of gaming and what you have is those same males, lonely and fearful of women and they see their world increasingly infringed on by girls and this leads to a virulent hatred and misogyny and bullying.

But what about the issue of journalistic ethics in the gaming community?

Oh that was complete nonsense from the get go. A guy had a hot girlfriend who was a programmer and they broke up and he blogged all their shit. It was low level revenge porn, without the porn. And most of it was inaccurate and has since been corrected. But what I’m interested in is the misogyny that then ensued with women being harassed and threatened with cyber bullying and actual violence. I’m casting Rooney because she is the girl who instigates The Social Network, and I got to thinking she doesn’t have much agency in that film. What if she became a hot shot game designer, and her male competitors couldn’t handle it.

Gamer Gate will be released in 2016.