HOLLYWOOD – An exclusive reveal of Jon Snow in the next episode of Game of Thrones.

SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 2 of SEASON 6 of Game of Thrones:

Jon Snow is back apparently. And according to this new image that was just released by HBO he is having a whale of a time. Let’s just hope it isn’t a shark of a time, but no worries, if there is a shark, I’m sure he’ll jump it all right.

No black watch for him. It’s on with the swimming costume and off to the beach.

Hordor? Absolutely.

Game of Thrones continues on HBO.


HOLLYWOOD – Jon Snow is dead but Game of Thrones Season 6 will introduce his twin brother Todd Snow.

The new season of Game of Thrones is about to kick off but a major SPOILER just dropped and the internet is wild with speculation. Kit Harington has revealed that he will be returning to Westeros but no longer to play Jon Snow, the bastard of Ned Stark, but instead his twin brother: Todd Snow.  Kit spoke to us EXCLUSIVELY on the condition that we wouldn’t publish anything:

This is so exciting. Everyone is just going to shit their pants. It’s amazing. Basically, going back to the beginning, when Jon was born he was given to Ned to bring up though he was a bastard. But his twin brother stayed with his mother who later died, there’s still a mystery there. His brother is totally different to Jon and that’s why it will be such a challenge playing him. Whereas Jon Snow dressed in black, was very broody and knew nothing, Todd is a font of useless trivia, wears a vest and jeans and hangs around in tractor tires smiling a lot. Like an idiot if truth be told.

Harington – obviously excited – went on to say how the presence of Todd Snow in the show would change the tone:

It isn’t going to be as dark and dour and anal as it has been. It’s going to be more frothy and full of zip and vim. Fizzy is the word we keep using. Far less oh my God deaths, and far more tickling and giggles.

Game of Thrones: Season 6 will be showing April 24, 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – Jesus Christ’s rumoured cameo in Game of Thrones season six has been the talk of social media but is there any weight to this speculation?

The Studio Exec managed to grab a coffee with the Messiah to chat about the hot gossip:


A pleasure to meet you, Jesus. How are you?

I’m great. Keeping busy. We’ve met before, though.


Have we?

At the Vogue party in 2003. You remember. Cate Blanchett drank too much Prosecco and vomited over Winona Ryder.


Ah yes. We did karaoke together. I’ll have to be honest, I thought you was Jared Leto.

That’s cool. I get that a lot.


So Game of Thrones season six. True or not true?

Well, they asked me and I was open to it but unfortunately, I couldn’t fit it into my schedule.


I see. So you’re currently working on another project?

Mmm. It’s complicated. You see I’m kind of under contract and it’s impossible to get out of.


How come?

It’s a really old contract, like, two thousand years old. Basically I’ve got to be ready for the Second Coming so if judgement day happens, I have to drop everything and save the world. So say I was in the middle of shooting a scene and suddenly…Bang!..it’s the apocalypse, they’d have to replace me. It happened once before. I’d been cast as Goose in Top Gun but then I had to make an appearance on a piece of toast in Brazil. The studio sued me and since then, It’s been hard to get steady work.


Wow. You must have missed out on a lot of roles.

Tell me about it. I was the Wachowski’s number one pick for the role of Neo in the Matrix but that fell through when they heard about my contract. So many missed opportunities. The one that still grates is The Passion of Christ. I gave a great audition, went the full method but the lawyers stepped in at the last minute and said no.


Lordy. What did you think of The Passion of Christ?

It had its moments. To be honest when I read the original script it was more of a comedy but they made some changes and went in another direction that I didn’t care for.


What is your favourite depiction of you on screen?

Oh, Life of Brian. Without a doubt. It’s practically a documentary.


Fascinating. So what next?

I’ve written a screenplay called Titanic II: Revenge of the Iceberg. I wrote it as a bit of a joke but I sold it to Michael Bay last month for $6,000,000.


Do you have any actors in mind?

A few. I had dinner with Daniel Day-Lewis last night and we chatted about the script. He said he was definitely interested in the main role but he’d need a year or so to prepare. We did want to start shooting in a few months but I respect Daniel’s process. After all, if you’re going to play an iceberg, you have to do it right.


Titanic II: Revenge of the Iceberg is due in 2018