NEW YORK – At the Angelika theatre in New York, Shia LaBeouf has been joined by Robert de Niro to watch the rest of Shia LaBeouf’s movies back to back in a marathon.

Robert de Niro showed up at the Angelika theater today in New York today to join Shia LaBeouf in his marathon of Shia LaBeouf movies the #AllMyMovies event.

Mr. De Niro spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about his participation in what is being billed as either the most interesting art project of the century or alternatively the moment the new millennium disappeared up its own asshole:

 Shia LaBeouf is the most interesting actor of his generation and I am not going to just be a part of the project, I also want to actually see his Transformers trilogy again.

What fascinates you about Shia?

In a word his range. He has such an incredible range. Look at Bobby and then look at what he does in Fury. Or look at Disturbia and compare it to his role Nymphomaniac. And it isn’t only me, I don’t know a serious actor who doesn’t greatly esteem Shia. The new film that Daniel Day Lewis is making about Shia…

That’s still happening?

Oh absolutely, but you know Daniel. He wants to be absolutely perfect. Especially because it’s Shia. He is more committed to this than he ever was to Lincoln. And he loved Lincoln.

Is there anything you’d help Shia with in terms of his acting?

Are you kidding? I’m the one asking him advice. I wished he’d been there when I was making Taxi Driver, or Raging Bull. I’m sure he would have given me some good notes. I asked him the other day if he could help me with my recent performances. He said he’d seen The Intern. And he emailed me his reaction.

What did he write?

Three words: ‘Do it again’.

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FURY: REVIEW – Brad Pitt and his team of Inglourious Basterds are at it again in the Das Boot sequel, this time set in a tank!

The good war gets a bit of the Vietnam treatment, with blood and guts aplenty in this thrilling but predictable war movie.  It all starts nice and murky with a foggy and infernal battlefield and a man on a white horse (not Death, though that’ll come) trotting through the wreckage and the carcasses. Sgt. Wardaddy (Pitt) and his crew are the lone survivors of a battle. One of their number met his gruesome end and his replacement, an inevitably pasty faced youth called Norman (Logan Lerman), with ‘principles’, turns up to be roundly disabused of such notions of honour. He is the same charcters as we have seen in other war movies. Basically the cypher for the audience as he is taught the rigors of combat. He is Carter in ER, getting used to the sight of blood.

And there is plenty of bloody and gore in Fury, which seems to be consciously trying to surpass the viscera-fests Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers et al. However, those films, despite their gore and violence, insisted on the Second World War as the Good War. Fury harks back to The Big Red One, despairing of the idea of finding honor in any kind of warfare, but unlike Samuel Fuller’s nihilistic 1980 classic, Fury is compromised by a gee-whiz element, informed by Medal of Honor video game action.

As such the nihilism is not so much despairing as exhilarating. Whereas in previous films, Pitt’s behavior would have made him the charismatic bad sergeant like Tom Berenger in Oliver Stone’s Platoon, in this film his world view is repeatedly endorsed. As the story becomes increasingly predictable all we are left with is the action and the thrill of the last ditch heroics.

Despite the shocks, the biggest upset is seeing Shia La Beouf  being actually quite good.

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HOLLYWOOD – Avengers star Samuel L. Jackson has criticized David Ayer’s new film Fury after all his scenes were cut from the World War 2 tank warfare drama.

The Pulp Fiction star seethed EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

I was on for this film so much. But David Ayer and Brad Pitt showed me zero respect. No one even sent me the script! I had to get a motherf*cking script myself from a Goddamned website. And when I read it, I couldn’t even find my part. I got that it was time travel thing. That was groovy. Captain America shit, I thought, okay, I’m down with that. But where am I?

So what did you do?

I just wrote myself into it.

You wrote your own part?

In felt tip pen motherf*cker! Absolutely. I wrote all my speeches, bits where I get like badass angry and righteous. It was all amazing. I mean I can do this shit in my sleep. Then I turned up on location and just got into it. Brad and Shia and all those guys were all in costume and they were like really surprised to see me. But I paid them no mind – they were just trying to throw me – and I got on with my scene. Nailing it. Again and again.

Are you sure you were supposed to be in the movie?

Of course, I was in the movie. I was the Goddamned star of the movie. Anyone try grappling with me I’d knock them over with a Goddamned glare. Everyone came round to my way of thinking soon enough. David would do some takes with me in them, told me to do what I want. Then he told me, for an exercise, they’d do some scenes without me as well. I didn’t see the point but the guy’s young so I said like whatever. I’ll be in my trailer. I go so the motherf*cking movie last Tuesday and I’m nowhere to be seen. That asshole took me out completely. I’d been Adrien Brody-ed!

Fury is on general release.


LONDON – Last night universal celebrations broke out spontaneously when news reached the masses (via IMDB) that Brad Pitt had cut his hair.

The actor was spotted in England where he is filming Fury a Second World War film and wearing a cap to hide his recently shorn head. An observer in Trafalgar Square said: 

You can put VE day and VJ day together, along with all the New Year’s Eve parties and 4th of July celebrations and it would still only be a fraction of the happiness we now feel that Brad Pitt no longer has those floppy locks, he kept having to tuck behind his ears in World War Z.

The corpses of Orson Welles and Charlie Chaplin were exhumed and forced into grotesque postures of dance and joy as part of the celebrations. ‘It’s what they would have wanted,’ said grave digger, Paul Simon. In Syria rebels and regime fighters sat down together like brothers and compared before and after photographs of Brad’s hairstyle, dreaming of happier times.  

Mr Pitt last had short hair for the Quentin Tarantino film Inglourious Basterds

Fury will be released in 2014.