Nightmare on Elm Street

HOLLYWOOD – Musicals about child-killing paedophiles are few and far between, but Director Wes Craven aims to popularize this niche genre with an animated song and dance version of his horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Adapted from the screenplay of his early 80s slasher, Craven hopes his new family-friendly version of the twisted tale of teenage murder will encourage a new generation to fall in love with cuddly homicidal maniac Freddy Kruger.

Craven has been working with the Disney animators who worked on Tangled for the last three years and although the studio was at first reluctant to make the picture. As soon as Tim Rice and Elton Johncame on board, they eagerly gave the project the green light.

It’s rumoured Craven originally approached the Pixar team who are currently in the process of adapting I Spit On Your Grave, but after some useful brainstorming sessions, Wes decided the more traditional approach to animation would better suit the material.

Robert Englund will reprise his most famous role by voicing the villainous Kruger and both Heather Langenkamp and Johnny Depp have confirmed their vocal talents will also be on display.

Rice and John are thought to have completed seven of the ten tracks that will feature and with titles like ‘Boiler room Blues’‘I’m Just a Blood Stain on a Mattress’ and ‘Please Don’t Kill Me!’. It looks like there is going to be some more magical numbers added to the Disney songbook.

Disney’s A Nightmare on Elm Street is due for release Christmas 2014.