HOLLYWOOD – New Twister remake might hold solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The universal celebration which greeted news of a Twister remake has finally died down. However, the already high expectations might be about to get even higher. Producer Frank Marshall announced the remake of Jan de Bont’s 90s classic and jubilation broke out around the globe. But now sources inside the studio have told the Studio Exec that the repercussions might go even further.

We’ve heard that the Palestinians and the Israelis might finally agree to sit down and discuss a lasting peace. Apparently, once they heard that a new film of Twister was happening people on both sides, spontaneously said, “Well, why not?”

The original film started Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as storm chasers with a crew of roughneck scientist who find themselves in the middle of a big storm, the ‘twister’ of the title. The film launched Philip Seymour Hoffman’s career as well as a popular game of the same name. Helen Hunt never made another movie saying: ‘I have achieved perfection. There is no where else to go.’ Variety reviewed the film writing: ‘There is before Twister and there is after Twister. And in the middle, there’s Twister. Right in the middle. There.’


Anticipation is reaching fever pitch also because Twister is largely credited with ending the Cold War. Historian Lambeth Getts told SE:

Many people think the Cold War ended in 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, but actually it continued for some years afterwards. It was only when Twister came out that Russian people actually looked towards the West with totally revised opinions. Likewise, China slowly began to open up and allow its people more freedom. The Chinese Premier went on state television and announced that he really dug Bill Paxton. That was revolutionary statement, comparable to Chairman Mao’s praise of Dick Van Dyke’s accent in Mary Poppins.

With peace in the Middle East now an almost certainty, are there any other effects that the new Twister might have?

I don’t like to say. You are perfectly justified in your prediction as regards the relations between Palestine and Israel. Both leaders are huge fans of the original Twister and the last Intifada began as a direct result of there not being a sequel. But as for other potential benefits, perhaps an end to violence everywhere might not be totally out of the question. The institution of a new state of happiness which would require a new word. And I imagine there’ll be a new game as well.

Joseph Kosinski will direct Twisters.