HOLLYWOOD – Today, the news has been coming about the new television version of Beverly Hills Cop took a step forward.

Two chairs arrived on set with the names of the actors who are playing Foley fils and Foley père written on the back so there are no mistakes and no one sits on the wrong chair by mistake.
Barry Sonnenfeld – who is on board to direct the pilot episode and has begun filming last Friday – said that the chairs would save time and money:

It’s really going to make things a lot easier. Brandon, if he wants to sit down will see the chair with Brandon T. Jackson and he’ll be able to sit there confident that no one is going to say to him, are you sitting in my chair?

Brandon T. Jackson commented:

We’re very excited about this development in the production. One thing I particularly love is I’m a real fan of the original and of course very happy to work with Mr. Murphy and if you see the chairs are actually quite close together. I won’t say I’m going to put a hand on his arm while I’m making a point or asking his advice, but I probably will.

Eddie Murphy – who Forbes recently reported was the highest paid film star who makes the steamiest shittiest pile of shit movies of shit – said: ‘I’m not sitting it that chair. Not ever, not once. Get that Goddam thing out of my sight.’