HOLLYWOOD – The prequel to The Omen will be all about sperm, according to the log line issued by Fox.

When news came in that an Omen prequel was on the cards, everyone went ape shit. People were throwing things out of windows, the Vatican condemned the movie industry and Canada made the USA illegal. However, after this inexplicable over reaction subsided Fox confirmed that they were moving ahead with the movie regardless of the controversy the decision had created. Today they issued the log line that comes with the movie.

Millions of sperm are released into the vaginal canal of Damien’s mother to be, but only one of the sperm will fight through and survive to fertilize the egg. As each of the other sperm is killed off in an increasingly elaborate manner, the audience will have a foretaste of the demonic capabilities of the Anti-Christ.

Antonio Campos, who most recently directed popular Sundance hit Christine, is set to direct the horror thriller provisionally titled The First Omen: The Semen, produced by David Goyer and Kevin Turen and Phantom Four and which is positioned as a follow up to the forty-year old classic directed by Richard Donner and starring Gregory Peck as the unluckiest foster father in the world.

The First Omen: The Semen will be released in 2019.