HOLLYWOOD – Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead was a shocking film of gore and black, black comedy. When we at Studio Exec heard there was going to be a remake, we said ‘What?’ and ‘That’s stupid!’ and ‘That’d be like remaking Carrie, what a stupid dumb idea’ and ‘Stupid, stupid, cynical cash grab stupid idiots of stupid’. But then we saw that the director was Fede Alvarez and we changed our tune. Now we said, ‘Who the fuck is Fede Alvarez? And isn’t remaking Evil Dead a stupid dumbass, brain dead, stupid idea?’ But now there’s a trailer. So….

My first reaction was this is not as funny as the original. My second reaction was ‘honey, maybe the kids shouldn’t be watching this’. My third reaction was urgh. My fourth reaction was ‘Ah so that’s what NSFW means.’
So what we have is a straightforward Cabin in the Woods splatter-fest that the original was a parody of. It’s like they’ve remade Airplane as Airport.

So okay. But do you remember when Sam Raimi was this fresh young film maker full of crazy ideas?
The guy who brought us Darkman and Crimewave? And now we have this. The only relief is that he isn’t directing it. Instead, he’s turned his attention to a much more needed film, a more vital film that speaks to the problems of our times. A prequel to The Wizard of Oz.

(PLEASE NOTE: In a time of economic crisis, it is important that all parts of the industry pull together and as we know that the studios are feeling the pinch, we have decided to help out with the publicity department budget and run a review of a trailer, giving the film promotional space and making it look like ‘journalism’.)