HOLLYWOOD – Star Trek is suing Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

Stardate: RIP OFF! Seth MacFarlane has boldly gone where Star Trek went before and is now being sued for plagiarism. We spoke to the captain of the Enterprise Orville about the accusations:

This is ludicrous and frankly a little disappointing. I’ve made no mystery of my love of Star Trek and how I wanted to bring the same optimism to The Orville that I felt when I watched the original series. I wanted to make it an affectionate parody. I set my phasers for stun.

But it isn’t funny.

No. Of course not. Parody would be too easy. Yeah, I made it not funny on purpose.

I heard that Galaxy Quest would have sued.

Beam me up Scotty.

Why didn’t you just get involved in one of the many, many Star Trek properties?

I wanted to make something original.

But it isn’t… ow! What’s that?

Vulcan death grip.

The Orville is on Fox.