HOLLYWOOD – The creator of Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has taken the extraordinary step of asking people to illegally download his film.

Frank Miller, creator of the graphic novels Sin City and 300, yesterday called for torrent sites and private individuals to try and pirate his new film Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, directed by Robert Rodriguez:

The fact is no one is seeing the film and I think if there was a good quality cam out there then perhaps word would spread and some people would also go to the cinema to see the film.

But surely you’re not encouraging people to infringe copyright?

Yes and no. Obviously illegal downloads are a terrible thing and they are killing the film industry. But on the other hand they do at least give an idea of how your film is and set off word of mouth. Normally I’d never condone such a thing, but the film is called Frank Miller’s Sin City. It ain’t called Frank Miller’s Virtue City. If you get me. I mean we’ve been sending screeners out like nobody’s business so that the download will be good quality. HD screeners as a matter of fact. But it’s almost as if no one can be bothered with the Josh Brolin, Mickey Rourke, Powers Booth, Eva Green, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba and featuring Bruce Willis hit.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is available legally everywhere.


HOLLYWOOD – President Barack Obama has announced that he is to deploy the Expendables to Iraq to join the offensive against ISIS.

The President said that the force led by Sylvester Stallone would be the first troops on the ground, but as they are a mercenary force the move does not represent the return of a US presence. Stallone said that he was psyched at the opportunity:

Me, Jason Statham and Jet Li are going to lead the men into action for the first time. We’re a multi-national force and we’re all highly trained in weapons use and martial arts. Add to this Dolph Lundgren is classically trained in the Stanislavksi method and Mel Gibson is what we call a Berserker. At first the Studio was dead against our involvement, but after our film The Expendables 3 came out, the Studio changed their line. They must have realized how effective we’d be on the battleground. They couldn’t see us go fast enough.

Jason Statham says that the force will be inserted into the north of the country where the heaviest fighting is taking place. He insisted that:

… we are not there as some kind of entertainment troupe. We are there to fight. Many people criticize actors as just pretending all the time. Well, I can tell you, with these guys there’s very little acting going on. It’s all action.

The Expendables are already on route to Iraq where they will be joined by Mel Gibson who is already fighting at another location in the Middle East.

The Expendables 3 is in cinemas currently or available for illegal download.




HOLLYWOOD – Kelsey Grammer to get Expendables spin off movie.

Perhaps one of the more surprising inclusions in The Expendables 3 was the more cerebral casting of Frasier Crane actor Kelsey Grammer in the role of Bonaparte. He was a grizzled old mercenary now organizing black ops.

However the character has proven so popular with audiences and critics alike that Lions Gate have decided to give him his own stand alone film titled Bonaparte.

Grammer said:

I was delighted by the reception that my performance garnered. To be frank, I was an incey-wincey bit preoccupied by how my fellow thespians might respond to my rather more elevated, refined if you will, style. You see Sylvester Stallone is a more instinctive actor than I. Which is fine. However, we worked well together and the ensemble as a whole shone. And yet I do look forward to being allowed to spread my wings in the aforementioned Bonaparte. And really spread my Dedalean wings.

The synopsis reveals:

Bonaparte is a prequel to the blockbusting Expendables series. It features one of the most beloved characters the titular Bonaparte, played by Grammy winning actor Kelsey Grammer, in his own stand alone action packed movie. Bonaparte has just returned from a botched attempt to rescue in the small nation of Africistan. While taking a drink at his favorite Boston drinking hole, he considers changing his name and taking up a career in psychiatry, perhaps on the radio. Of course he’d have to relocate, but he hears Seattle is a place where a man can lose himself and the world. Following a successful stint as a leading radio personality, the terrorists are back on his trail and he once more must disappear this time joining a kind of cartoon circus. Disguised as clown, Bonaparte must once again bide his time, but now with the help of a small yellow boy he will seek to turn the tables on his enemies. Bonaparte will seamlessly blend footage from Grammer’s former TV shows, with new material shot especially for the film in a technique which is being called ‘cheap’.

Bonaparte will be released in 2016. 



HOLLYWOOD – In what is being regarded as an escalation in the battle between Studios and online piracy, The Expendables 3 have killed 6 alleged pirates who Lions Gate claim were responsible for uploading a stolen copy of the film and making it available for illegal download.

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HOLLYWOOD – Following the news that Antonio Banderas was to appear in Julio Iglesias biopic Begin the Beguine (Click HERE for more), it was revealed today that the Expendables 3 actor has lost his beloved hen Henrietta.



HOLLYWOOD – Desperado and Puss in Boots star Antonio Banderas has signed up to appear in Pedro Almodovar’s Julio Iglesias bipic Begin the Beguine

The Evita actor said that he would be happy to be acting in Spanish once more:

All I’ve had recently are Italian biscuit adverts and although I’ve enjoyed talking to the comedy hen, I haven’t felt very stretched.

What is your relationship to Julio Iglesias?

I have always been a huge fan. Julio has had hit after hit and is one of the biggest selling artists of all time. He released over 80 albums and he had a lot of sex. I mean a lot.

Will that be in the film? 

Yes, certainly. The first thing Pedro said to me before I even read the script was that Julio’s father was the youngest gynecologists in Spain. I don’t know what I should take from that, but then I read the script.

Have you met Julio and what does he think of the project? 

He’s delighted but a little cautious. Naturally. He lives in Miami now, so I went down to see him and I watched him, trying to get the way he holds himself and walks. He gave me singing lessons and we even went to a brothel where they have those mirrors so that I could see how he… It was an inspiration.

Begin the Beguine will be released in 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – Ever since the baffling success of The Expendables 2, rumors have been rife about who will be included in the next installment The Expendables 3 of the geriatric action franchise.

The Studio Exec can now exclusively reveal the cast list in full.

Kelsey Grammer, Christopher Plumber, Elia Wallach and Max Von Sydow team up with Sylvester Stallone et al to kick some enemy butt.


Expendables 3: It is a Country For Old Men sees the mercenaries escape the clutches of evil Nurse Ratchet (Renee Zellweger) and fly away to Thirdworldonia, where the evil warlord Grampus, played by out-of-retirement Kelsey Grammer, is building an army of They-all-look-the-same-to-me-ites. Plumber plays young newcomer to the team, Jock and Eli Wallach will be his younger brother Chip. Max Von Sydow describes himself as the baby of the group, Joey, who is an expert in explosives and cocoa.

Expendables 3: 
It is a Country For Old Men will be made, released and forgotten in 2014.


SAN FRANCISCO – In a surprise twist following recent contretemps, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis have got married, taking advantage of recent changes in the marriage laws. 

After something that was like a tiff about Expendables 3, the Testosterone Twins decided to get hitched having got a lot of tension out through what they called ‘physical exertion’.
Stallone said on the court steps in front of an audience of friends and Jean Claude Van Damme:

We had been tussling for some time, but then the tussling, and fighting soon turned to slapping, then wrestling and then that turned into something a bit more serious and then… well Jesus Christ. What do you want? Pictures?   

To the resounding shout of YES! the happy couple demurred.  

The Expendables 4 will be released in 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – You might think you know everything about Harrison Ford, the man who brought us Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Rick Deckard. But you SO don’t.

Let the Studio Exec reveal so many squirming facts that Harrison would probably say “Facts, why did it have to be facts?”

1. Harrison Ford actually did make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs in preparation for filming Star Wars in 1976. What people generally don’t know is that the Kessel run is really short and the record is actually 3 parsecs.  

2. Harrison Ford is from Norwegian stock and his family name before it was Americanized was Harrison Fjord.  

3. Harrison Ford is actually a Carpenter by trade. He played bass on Close to You and Yesterday Once More, but left the group to concentrate on his acting. George Lucas misunderstood Harrison’s CV and got him to make a set of bookshelves, which the actor gamely tried to do, inadequately as it would happen, leading to George Lucas’ famously witty riposte: “I hope he’s better at acting than he is at you know making some bookshelves, cause these shelves are terrible and what we need in the film is someone who can act, better than the person who made these shelves can makes shelves. Anyway.”  

4. Steven Spielberg wouldn’t let Harrison Ford keep the Indiana Jones whip because it was ‘dangerous and he could take someone’s eye out with it’ even though Harrison promised to just look at it and never use it. 

5. Although Blade Runner is largely seen to be his best performance, Harrison Ford does not rate the film and argues that Force Ten from Navarone, Firewall and Cowboys and Aliens are all superior. This antipathy towards the film could have something to do with the animosity between Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford. During the ‘making of…’ documentary Dangerous Days, the two won’t even look at each other. 

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