HOLLYWOOD – Star Wars 7 changes title from The Force Awakens to the Ewok and the Droid.

JJ Abrams revealed that they had decided that The Force Awakens was too generic a title, so they decided to go with something more thematically true to the picture. The Bad Robot director told Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY that:

Disney were really looking at films they were making in the 80s when the Star Wars star shone brightly, and the film they’ve come up with as their model is The Fox and the Hound. This links up to the Pixar model of the mismatched companions who learn to become friends. Think of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Obviously the Star Wars film wouldn’t make much sense with toys playing the parts, or animals for that matter. Star Wars has always essentially been about complex nuanced characters. So they’ve come up with an Ewok who befriends a droid, similar to, but crucially not R2D2 (he’s red). When the idea was first broached in a writer’s meeting, you could hear the cheer go up from the parking lot. 

Abrams also said that the films will – for artistic purposes – primarily be aimed at a young audience with a lot of disposable income and the adults will come for the wiseacre humor and a misguided sense of numb nostalgia.

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WELLINGTON – Lord of the Rings director and animal murderer Peter Jackson has announced that he will begin filming a new project in the Autumn aimed to give fans of Middle Earth an extra two slices of Hobbit fun.

Pippy will tell the story of much loved ‘comic’ relief Merry and Pippin from the original Lord of the Rings saga. Guillerrmo Del Toro was due to direct, but later revealed he was just messing with Jackson and had no intention of doing anything of the sort. ‘It will be like Ewoks: The Battle for Endor, but probably not that good,’ said Jackson. ‘But it’ll be cheap. I can assure you of that.’

One of the main problems was getting Dominic Monaghan who plays one of them and Billy Boyd who plays the other to agree to it and find time in their busy schedules. No, I’m sorry I can’t keep a straight face. Can we do that again?

Monaghan and Boyd said they were delighted to ‘revisit Hobbiton’.

‘These are characters that we have grown to love as much as the public,’ they said in perfect unison. ‘We can’t wait to put on our furry feet and set off on adventures. We only wish Elijah was coming with us, but apparently he’s making a sitcom about an imaginary dog!?’

The plot is yet to be revealed but Jackson was adamant it would not include dragons nor would it make use of their ill-judged attempt to bring back the Black and White Minstrels.