HOLLYWOOD – New image of Ethan Hawke as Twitter boss Jack Dorsey in new biopic.

The internet stood mouth agape as producers released the first image of Ethan Hawke as Jack Dorsey in the upcoming biopic. Aaron Sorkin has written and is directing the film which tells the story of the Twitter CEO. From his humble beginnings as an ornithologist, Sorkin defended his decision to include many unsimulated scenes of Dorsey not having sex.

I know they’re hard to watch. But it’s the same as The Social Network. I mean he didn’t get much and he spent all his time thinking up code instead. It’s really quite moving. ethan hawke jack dorsey

Ethan Hawke enters the frame

Speaking about his star, Sorkin had this to say:

Ethan is an intense performer. He doesn’t just into the role, he goes right into the role. Right to the very bottom. I mean, yes he grew the beard, but it wasn’t just he grew it, it was how he grew it. With such intensity. We got him together with Dusty Hill from ZZ Top and they worked together for weeks on the beard. At one point I had to pull him back. I told him that the performance was not just in the beard, but he told me – and I remember it even now – ‘no, it is’.

According to sources within Twitter, Jack Dorsey is strongly considering cutting off his beard just to irritate the filmmakers. Others however claim it is no longer possible because – as frequently happens with long beard wearers – Jack Dorsey’s chin has been consumed to feed the endless lust of his herbage.

  Twit: The Jack Dorsey Story is out in 2023.


HOLLYWOOD – Boyhood and Before Midnight director, Richard Linklater has failed in his attempt to script, shoot, edit and release a feature film within 24 hours.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec, Linklater complained:

There simply wasn’t enough time. I mean twenty four hours to write a script is already pushing it, but to film the script, edit it and have it show in movie theaters…? It was a foolhardy attempt to say the least.

Why did you accept the challenge?

I was drunk and it was Michael Haneke who told me I couldn’t do it. He kept saying ‘Linklater’s a slowdy coach.’ His English isn’t great. And anyway I’m not having the asshole who made Funny Games twice tell me what I can and cannot do.

Is it true he also made disparaging remarks about your hair?

Yes, it is. And he’s Austrian for crying out loud. Austrian! The country that invented bad hair.

What was the film going to be about?

It was called Day Care and it was a bout this young guy (Chris Pine) who is working in a day care center and there’s this old lady, played by Judi Dench and a kind of gentle unlikely friendship evolves over the course of the day.

How far did you get with the film?

Well, I decided that if I was going to do it, I needed to cut out some parts of the film making process, so I dumped the script once I had the synopsis and decided the whole thing would be improvised. Luckily Chris Pine doesn’t have much experience acting so he was fine with that. And Judi was very game. We filmed for eight hours and I though we had it in the bag so we rushed over to the editing suite. Everything was digital and I had a minimum of takes, mostly just the one take for each scene.

And so you stalled in editing?

No, we put together a rough assembly and then watched it through tweaking her and there. And at the same time I was adding music that our composer was improvising on a range of instruments we’d brought in for him.

So the film was completed?

No, unfortunately not.  You see, as soon as I saw the film in its complete form I realized that the story was incomplete. Yes, we know what happens to Chris and Judi on this day, but for us to be true to the characters I wanted to know what happened to them for the next twenty years and given our limitations – imposed on us by Haneke – I decided to surrender rather than release something I couldn’t live with.

So you’re going to take the time and complete the film?

No, I deleted all of it. And I have to wear a t-shirt that Haneke sent me which has writing saying ‘I’m a foolish head’ with an arrow that points up to the wearer, that is me.

Day Care will never be seen. 


HOLLYWOOD – Filmed over seventeen years, Richard Linklater’s new film Bathroom, starring Ethan Hawke, is a life-affirming portrait of a man as seen by his bathroom mirror.

The Purge star spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about the long drawn out and arduous process of making the film and the hardships he had to endure:

It was really easy. All I had to do was let Richard put a one way mirror in my bathroom and every couple of weeks he’d come round and change the memory card. He had the camera hooked up to a motion detector and so it would only film when I went to the bathroom.

What was… the point?

Most of us go to the bathroom at least a couple of times a day. Maybe a lot more in certain cases. We go there to brush our teeth, urinate, defecate, shower, check our hair in the mirror, clip our toenails or nasal hair, and bathe. Some of us even masturbate in there. And yet movies almost totally ignore the bathroom. I mean, unless it’s Psycho or some shower sex in Breathless, then we really don’t see this part of our lives.  It is criminally underrepresented.


Let me tell you, you can go a hundred years without having sex and nothing will happen, but try going two weeks without having a shit.

I see.

Richard Linklater is committed to a cinema which includes all aspects of life and so am I. Including the toilet.

So do we get to see…?

You see everything. The good times, the hard times, when my marriage is on the rocks or when I’ve not been getting enough roughage. You see it all. And in the European cut of the film you’ll even get to see the bidet.

Bathroom will be released in 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – Following the commercially and critically successful release of his movie Boyhood, writer director Richard Linklater has confirmed that he is already working on the sequel, provisionally titled Manhood.



HOLLYWOOD – In what is being described by insiders as a ‘power move’ and ‘classic Cruiser’ Tom Cruise has outbid several movie moguls to secure the film rights to the Tom Cruise life story.

Details on development are thin on the ground at time of writing, however, speculation is rife about who might play Tom Cruise in the Tom Cruise produced biopic.
Casting rumors have been circulating about the possibility of Ethan Hawke, Ben Affleck and James Marsden taking on the role, much to the consternation of twitter fans.
@cruiser4life tweeted: 

Marsden doesn’t have the emotional intensity to play Cruise in the days of his coming ascension #weinertwerk

Others echoed the sentiment.
@tomsaves writes 

only a Daniel Day Lewis type could possibly pull off Tom’s metamorphosis into Cosmic Behemoth in the time fortold! #chrisbrown

Tom Cruise was unavailable for comment at time of publishing, sources claim he is currently auditioning wives.

Tom Cruise: the Man, the Myth, the Madness will be released in 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – Brad Pitt does it. Ethan Hawke, Matt Damon and Carey Mulligan do it. They’re all doing it. The new craze that is sweeping Hollywood, second only to smoking heroin as the favored past time of the stars: picking your nose and eating it.

The Studio Exec of course was the first to uncover this unhygienic and – doctor’s say – possibly fatal recreational activity when we broke the story of Zac Efron’s nose picking antics. Since then our metaphorical postbag has been bulging with evidence that the practice is more widespread than previously feared. 
Resident nasal hygienist Xavier Poulis commented:

It is very easy. First it starts with the occasional scratching of the nostril rim. Then a star might think ‘I’ll have a harmless rummage’, possibly followed by some flicking of nasal mined matter. But once that finger goes from nose to mouth and the salty devil’s green is chewed… That’s Game Over, I’m afraid.

However, it isn’t all fun. Lindsay Lohan was rushed to hospital last week after she picked her nose clean off.

Anyone who knows anyone who suffers from this terrible addiction please send us photos so we can all laugh.


THE PURGE: REVIEW — Some time in the near future, life is almost perfect. Horror movies are intelligent, well-crafted and original, featuring complex believable well drawn characters in the grip of terrifying situations through no fault of their own and giving audiences cathartic thrills.
But this situation is only maintained because of the dubious and slightly incredible innovation that every year a really terrible cliched horror movie with dumb ass idiotic moron characters do dumb ass stupid things as a way of freeing society from the cliches that used to plague it. That movie is The Purge.
It stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey and is by the guy who wrote The Negotiator. Next year, there will be a Purge 2.


PARIS – Stars of Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy were today found guilty in a French court of having ‘defrauded the public’, a charge which could lead to a hefty fine and a short custodial sentence if the ruling is upheld.

The pair instantly lodged an appeal. 

French Magistrate Pierre Fantin stated in his judgement that:

M. Hawke and Madame Delpy have consistently and with malice of forethought raised our expectations as to what to expect when a stranger starts talking to you on a train. Untold damage has been done, with young French women in particular being made vulnerable to danger of assault, when – believing they are at the start of a life long romance – they fall for any old line from a pubicly hirsute backpacking American now. There has been an astronomic rise in the amount of semi-funny babble and meandering anecdote telling, and as heart warming as that is, it also deserves punishment.

The White House today took the unusual step of commenting on the judgement, saying that ‘It was no more damaging than When Harry Met Sally.’  The director of the films – who was not named in the original charges – Richard Linklater said that the case was preposterous and would not deter the team for reuniting for a prequel that was currently being planned. ‘This is a story many have grown to love and I think we will do justice to that,’ said Linklater. ‘Unlike the French court.’

Before Before Sunrise, Sunset and Midnight will be released in 2015.