HOLLYWOOD – The Harry Potter and Equus star Daniel Radcliffe is one of the most enigmatic and powerful actors of his generation, stripping his body and his soul bare in such successes as Kill Your Darlings and The Woman in Black.

However, a rumor has persistently plagued the 24 year old actor from Fulham: does he in actual fact have magical powers?

Emma Watson – his close friend and co-star – is in no doubt about the matter. 

Oh, Danny is magic all right. I mean while we were doing Harry Potter, we were all using special effects and green screen and stuff like that but Daniel would come in and he would just do the stuff. No CGI, no stuntmen, no trickery. He even had his own wand which he would carry around in a black briefcase that he called the Necronomicon. 

More recently Daniel amazed fans when he arrived to the London Premier of Kill Your Darlings, riding what can only be described as a broomstick. Co-star Dane DeHaan said that he was knocked out by Daniel’s professionalism and his definite ability to ‘do strange shit that defied rational, scientific explanation.’

However, others have reacted angrily, while not denying the possibility that Radcliffe is in fact a necromancer. Rupert Grint who starred as Ron Weasley in the Potter movies, splutted with undisguised spleen.

What irritates me about Dan is that he has these powers – telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, wand work, the lot – and he uses them for what: to get an acting gig! I mean he could be in the Sudan saving lives, stopping wars, feeding the hungry, brining justice to the world. But no, he just sits at home fiddling with his wand.

Daniel Radcliffe was unavailable for comment.