HOLLYWOOD – First image of Olivia Coleman in the role of Queen Elizabeth II has hit the internet and the resemblance is spooky.

Season Three of The Crown sees Olivia Coleman take over from Claire Foy in the depiction of Queen Elizabeth II. The first image to hit the nets is scarily similar. Olivia Coleman said that the chance to play Europe’s oldest reigning monarch was a great honor.

As a British actor, I’ve been watching Queen Elizabeth all my life so you could say I’ve been preparing for the role all my life. That said you never feel properly ready to play someone so important. All I can do is reach inside of me and find the truth there. Hopefully. As for whether the Queen herself will approve… I’m not even sure she watches.

The image shows Olivia on a horse in military uniform, inspecting the trooping of the color, an old tradition that takes place in England in July just before the annual poor people cull.

I’ve never sat on a horse before, but the director was very kind. He had one frozen in liquid oxygen. That way I could sit on it without it moving and it was the right height.

The Netflix series features music from Hans Zimmer and is written by Peter Morgan.

Netflix will release The Crown Season 3 when they want to and not before.