CHICAGO – Will Ferrell Syndrome has been recognised as an actual medical condition.

Dr. Roberto Coteeze of the American Medical Association declared today the Will Ferrell Syndrome would be classified as a recognized medical condition although the ‘pathology has not yet been fully defined.’

Will Ferrell Syndrome is a condition which seems to only affect very funny men who have made a promising start to their television careers (usually on Saturday Night Live) before moving onto Hollywood and five picture deals. In some cases, the progress of the syndrome is relatively slow, especially if actors confine themselves to character parts, but once they approach ‘family entertainment’ or ‘gross-out comedy’ they are doomed never to be funny again.

Will Ferrell – after whom the syndrome is named (Stiller Disease being an earlier option) – is a prime example. ‘He was great in Zoolander,’ says Dr. Coteeze, ‘but then came Land of the Lost and that was as funny as a teenager’s funeral.’

admitted to hospital

Other sufferers include Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Vigils are currently being held for Zach Galifianakis in hope that he too won’t succumb.

Flowers have been laid, songs sung.


In the second of our new series Thinking Comedy, film comedian Seth Rogen ruminates on the benefits of analysis on his Comic Art.

Many comedians believe that over-thinking comedy can be the death of a joke, that to think (in the words of Keats) is ‘to be full of sorrow’, and so they avoid any kind of analysis at all, preferring to work on instinct and adrenalin.

Andrew ‘Dice-man’ Clay at his height eschewed comic theory and Eddie Murphy in the Raw years likewise boasted of his unschooled approach to the comedy scene. 

However, I’ve always been a comic who has taken succor and encouragement from the intellectual and philosophical approach to my art. When I was making Funny People with Adam Sandler, Adam and I would sit for hours discussing Freud’s 1905 masterpiece Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious. By the way, if you are going to read it I would advise you read the original German Der Witz und Seine Beziehung zum Unbewußten. As with most humor, too much is lost in translation. 

Sandler is a supremely rational comic. It isn’t enough that he is funny; he has to know why he is funny. This is what makes him so similar to the British comedian Ricky Gervais, the man we all look up to as the true intellectual heir of Benny Hill’s comedy crown. 

For my own part, for a joke simply to be funny isn’t enough. It has to say something and it has to say something that is coherent with my political and ethical outlook on life. For instance, some people have seen a consistent strain of misogyny in my comedy, especially in Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Knocked Up. Other people give me the benefit of the doubt and think of me as a lovable doped up man child but the truth is I do hate and fear women and those films are deliberate expressions of my anxiety. I mask my very real and sometimes frightening hatred in an easy-going laid-back style, but this makes it all the more pernicious and effective. Some of you no doubt are thinking: ‘Ah ha! Intellectual coherence, analyzing comedy? But what about Green Hornet?’ Well, to that I’m afraid I only have two words: Cash Grab.

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HOLLYWOOD – Eddie Murphy tonight announced that filming would being in the Fall of The Adventures of Pluto Nash 2.

Comedy star of Beverly Hills Cop and Beverly Hills Cop 2 and Beverly Hills Cop 3, Eddie Murphy announced that he would begin filming the sequel to his hit 2002 science fiction comedy The Adventures of Pluto Nash, provisionally entitled The Adventures of Pluto Nash 2. The excited Trading Places star came by the Studio Exec bungalow to talk about his new venture:

After the Beverly Hills Cop TV show fell through I just didn’t know what to do. I mean I’d like to do another Shrek movie but no one can find Michael Myers and Antonio Banderas is doing art movies [last seen in Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge out of Water]. Then I had this idea, why not do Pluto Nash 2. The film everyone has been begging me to do.

Who has been begging you to do Pluto Nash?

Absolutely everyone I meet. I was talking to my cousin and he said ‘Have you heard the news about Pluto?’ I said, I’m not going to do a sequel. Then my barber said ‘Pluto’s a really…’ ‘Great movie, I know but enough,’ I said. It just went on and on. Pluto, Pluto, Pluto. My girlfriend said, ‘It’s New Horizon’ and that’s when I knew. ‘You’re right,’ I said. ‘It will be a new horizon. Okay. I’ll do it.’

How will the film be different?

Well, first of all, the original is set on the Moon and I think this one is going to be set on a moon of Pluto. If only we had a good image to get the art department started. Anyway, I want this film to be a total departure from the original Adventures of Pluto Nash.

So it’s going to be a comedy?


The Adventures of Pluto Nash 2: New Horizons will be released in 2016.

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NEW YORK – Following the much celebrated 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, it was revealed today that SNL like many in show business was lying about its age.

Although the official biography states that the popular Saturday evening sketch show from New York was first broadcast on October 11, 1975, the Studio Exec can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that the show had in fact been running six years prior to its official broadcast date. TV critic Harold Palstien spoke to Studio Exec:

Of course everyone remembers the 1975 show with John Belushi, Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd. What they don’t remember is that originally the show was produced with a different cast and Lorne Michaels was desperately trying to garner favor with an older demographic. In 1969 Saturday Night Live debuted with Trevor Howard, Gregory Peck, David Niven and Roger Moore. They were all fine comedians in their own way, but they just didn’t gel. Later Peck would make the hilarious Omen, but it was obvious he wasn’t read for the sketch show format and didn’t really understand it. Howard was drinking very hard at the time and it was affecting his performance. And David Niven had decided rashly to improvize and refused to learn any of the material.

The New York Times reviewing the show called it ‘By far the worse thing to happen to my eyes, since I was stabbed in one of them by a sharp pencil in 1954. And that at least had the positive side effect that it didn’t have to submit to the indignity of SNL.’ However, others believed that the vintage show was ‘much better than when Dana Carver or Eddie Murphy were in it’, as Mike Myers wrote

Saturday Night Live continues.


BEIJING – With the aim of capturing the massive Chinese audience, Steve Martin is to remake his 2003 remake Cheaper by the Dozen explicitly for China with the new title: Cheaper by the Two.

The story follows the difficulties of Bill Mumy (Steve Martin) and his wife Linda (Bonnie Hunt) as he tries to juggle his busy work life, when he is hired to coach a Chinese baseball team, with his massive family of two riotous children, played by Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy. Martin said spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Studio Exec this evening:

We’re absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to retell this story for a different audience and – as family is a universal theme – we are confident that we will connect with the Asian cinema-going public and money. Money money money.

And you get to work with Eddie Murphy again.

Ha ha. Yes. Poor Eddie, poor, poor Eddie. Yes, we’ll obviously be CGIing him and Jonah so they look small enough to be kids. Benjamin Button them in reverse.

Are there any changes you had to make to the script to fit audience expectations? 

None at all. I wrote what I thought was the best script and we shot it and that’s the film that we’ll release. Some might look at the scene where we denounce the next door neighbour for his critical remarks against the Party as trying to win favour with the authorities but actually I feel that the comedy execution scene and the part where his wife gets the bill for the bullets is just gold.

Cheaper by the Two will be released in China in 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – Actors are only as good as the roles they inhabit. But some actors have their careers capsized by a role.

It might not be a bad role. It might even be a very good role. But it is a role from which their careers might take some time to recover.

1. Jack Nicholson – Jack Torrance: We already has mad Jack with McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but Nicholson’s collaboration with Kubrick, fixed the actor in the popular imagination as wild man Jack, a fusion of the popular perception of the actor and his increasingly stereotyped roles. The Witches of Eastwick, Wolf and the Joker were all to follow.

2. Naomi Watts – Princess Diana: Naomi Watts broke into films with her wonderful performance in Mulholland Drive. Ever since then, she has veered from art house fare, including Haneke’s remake of Funny Games to bone crushing stupidity such as King Kong. Her lead role in Diana will probably be seen (hopefully) as the nadir of her career, with the Kiwi actress having to utter lines such as ‘Can a heart really break?’ to her heart surgeon boyfriend.

3. Eddie Murphy – Donkey: The problem with Eddie Murphy’s voice talent performance in the Shrek franchise is the fact it set the bar too high for all his visible roles. The fact that a stupid/smart ass ass outshone every other performance for two decades painfully revealed that this once great stand up comic had become mired in tasteless children’s fare, or vaguely superior children’s fare.

4. Eric Bana – Chopper: The brilliant début of this undoubtedly talented actor was also a moment that both made and ruined his career. With expectations raised so high, Bana would go on to star in films by Ang Lee, Steven Spielberg, Joe Wright and Ridley Scott, but he would consistently prove to be underwhelming, not once creating a character as belligerently unforgettable as the true life crime antagonist of the Andrew Dominik film.

5. Cameron Diaz – Jenny Everdeane: prior to being cast in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York Cameron Diaz was a fine comic actress. Well, okay-ish. But her utter unsuitability as the Nineteenth Century former model turned actress turned prostitute in slum town New York, not only ruined that film but also jinxed her career and she went from adorable wit to annoying wart in the space of a slap.   

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HOLLYWOOD – Marvel Studios confirmed this morning that Eddie Murphy will star in the upcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four.

Producer Kevin Feige revealed the news on his Twitter page this morning saying he was “Delighted they’d finally got the right man” but in an exclusive interview with The Studio Exec, Feige admitted the pre-production process has been beset with problems.

I’ll be honest, the version we made a few years ago wasn’t great and so we were determined to get it right this time. We’ve had about twenty different writers working on a script and they came up with all kinds of scenarios. One had the team travel back to ancient Egypt and battle a Mummy, then there was The Fantastic Four Vs Dracula and The Fantastic Vs Frankenstein. All good ideas but we thought they lacked originality. My own personal favorite was The Fantastic Four Vs Global Warming. It basically contained lots of scenes of the team destroying China’s industrial sites but the board said the 60 ft Chairman Mao robot that fired laser beams from his eyes was disrespectful and might have an effect on Asian box-office receipts.

Feige went on to say that it was a late night screening of the Murphy classic Coming to America that inspired the final script:

I caught the film on TV one night and I saw Murphy playing all these different characters. Then suddenly it came to me. What if we made the Fantastic Four with Eddie playing the entire team?! It has never been done in a comic book movie so in many ways this is an evolution of the genre.

Murphy will not only take on the roles of Mr Fantastic, The Thing, The Human Torch and The Invisible Woman. He will also be playing their Arch nemesis Doctor Doom, The President of the United States, Galactus, The Silver Surfer, a wise cracking barber, a priest with tourettes syndrome and the legendary Stan Lee.

“Sure he’s got all the main parts but it’s not going to be entirely Eddie’s show,” said Feige.

We’re going to get those two guys from Trading Places to make a cameo. You know Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy. It will be the kind of fun little film reference audiences love.

When The Studio Execinformed Feige that Ameche and Bellamy had sadly passes away many years ago he said it wasn’t an issue.

I got two words for you. CGI Motherf*cker!

Eddie Murphy’s The Fantastic Four will be out in 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – After yesterday’s sensational and unsubstantiated news that Jack Nicholson has retired from acting; Jack awoke this morning and was shocked to discover that every major news outlet in the world had printed the story without first checking if any part of it was true.

“When I told my new cleaner I was retiring I meant I was going to bed!” Nicholson told The Studio Exec

It’s a commonly used expression but Rosalita, my cleaner is fresh off the boat from Cuba and I guess she doesn’t have a firm grasp of the English language. My agent said I should fire her for talking to the press but she’s young and I say give youth a chance. Especially youth with a rack as fine as hers.


Nicholson went on to say that he was highly amused by the media hysteria.

There’s no difference between fact and fiction these days. Last week I read a story I had signed on to play a sarcastic Jedi Knight in Star Wars VII. I’ve never even met George Lucas although he did ask me to play Indiana Jones. I was all set to do it too but Bob Evans told me Lucas was an asshole. I value Bob’s opinion but it was a good role so I asked Warren Beatty and he also said Lucas was an asshole. So I asked a few more folks and got the same response and the only person who never said Lucas was an asshole was Brando, he said he was a f*cking asshole so I decided not to do it. Shame as I really wanted to shoot some Nazis.

Asked what his next project will be Nicholson gave a stunning response.

It’s always been an ambition of mine to do a film with Eddie Murphy and we’ve finally got a script. Basically Eddie plays this uptight guy David Half who wants to be president but he has no idea who his father is so he tries to find him. I play his father Richard Half, a weed smoking hippy from way back who tries to get him to loosen up. It’s script writing by numbers I think they’re going to call it Honky Dad or Half & Half or something. 

Honky Dad/ Half & Half is due for release in 2019.



DORSET – Creators of the Matrix trilogy Andy and Lana Wachowski have signed up to direct an updated version of Enid Blyton’s beloved adventure series The Famous Five.

‘They were our favourite children’s books,’ said a caffeinated Lana.

In many ways everything we have ever written has been inspired by Blyton. There are shades of Uncle Quentin in Morpheus and obvious similarities between our lesbian bondage film Bound and the novel Five go to Billycock Hill. In fact we borrowed so much, we sent a copy of the movie to the Blyton Estate to ask if we should give Enid a writing credit but they never got back to us.

Set in the British county of Dorset during the 1940s, the quintessentially middle class tales of George, Julian, Dick, Anne and Timmy the Dog sold millions of copies up until the 1990s when their popularity began to wane.

It’s understandable that many modern children think the books are twee and old fashioned, [said Andy.] So we’ve taken the basic ingredients and updated them. Kirren Island is now Kirren X, a small planet just beyond the fringes of our solar system. Only the Famous Five, who all have telepathic powers and superhuman strength, know this planet exists and during the school holidays they travel to Kirren in their ginger beer fuelled space buggy in search of adventure. It’s kind of a  futuristic sci-fi version but we’ve retained the spirit of the novels so expect the odd racist reference to blacks and gypsies and an overt disdain of the working classes.

Asked who they had in mind for the coveted roles Lana revealed they have already cast the main characters.

We originally wanted Eddie Murphy to play every role and he was keen to do it  but then somebody pointed out that Murphy was a 52 year old black man and why didn’t we just hire 4 young white actors and a Labrador. It took us time to change our mind set but eventually we brought in Jason Segel, Chris Pratt, Emily Blunt and Katherine Heigl.

The Famous Five is due for release in 2015.



HOLLYWOOD – Today, the news has been coming about the new television version of Beverly Hills Cop took a step forward.

Two chairs arrived on set with the names of the actors who are playing Foley fils and Foley père written on the back so there are no mistakes and no one sits on the wrong chair by mistake.
Barry Sonnenfeld – who is on board to direct the pilot episode and has begun filming last Friday – said that the chairs would save time and money:

It’s really going to make things a lot easier. Brandon, if he wants to sit down will see the chair with Brandon T. Jackson and he’ll be able to sit there confident that no one is going to say to him, are you sitting in my chair?

Brandon T. Jackson commented:

We’re very excited about this development in the production. One thing I particularly love is I’m a real fan of the original and of course very happy to work with Mr. Murphy and if you see the chairs are actually quite close together. I won’t say I’m going to put a hand on his arm while I’m making a point or asking his advice, but I probably will.

Eddie Murphy – who Forbes recently reported was the highest paid film star who makes the steamiest shittiest pile of shit movies of shit – said: ‘I’m not sitting it that chair. Not ever, not once. Get that Goddam thing out of my sight.’