HOLLYWOOD – Going head to head with Gwyneth Paltrow, Catwoman actress and Oscar winner Anne Hathaway has published her own diet book Eating Nothing, hoping in this way to deal head on with the nation’s obesity problem. 

‘People often ask me how I managed to look so ravaged in Les Miserables and ravishing in The Dark Knight Rises,’ said the Rachel Getting Married star.  ‘So I thought yeah why not let them in on all my little secrets.’

Mixing anecdotes from the world of glitz and parties with nutritional advice and calorie counting recipes, Eating Nothing provides the aspiring waif with a veritable ‘how to…’ guide to transform your whole body into one slender cheekbone.

Here’s an extract from the Book:




Start the day well with some light exercise, perhaps a stroll or turning the pages of a large coffee table book and then treat yourself to a glass of cold water. The preparation is simplicity itself. 

Get a glass from the cupboard (a dishwasher will do but be sure and rinse) then carefully measure out a half pint of water from the tap. Drink and enjoy the filling goodness. 



After an active morning shopping or reading magazines or playing with cats or just thinking about stuff, you’re going to need a nourishing meal and this light lunch is perfect for the taste buds and won’t be a weight on your mind, or your hips. 

Simply pour a glass of water, about a third of a pint, and then add an ice cube. Be sure and let the ice cube melt completely before tucking in to this healthy meal. 


An evening meal is often a social occasion and a time to reward yourself for a day spent acting your heart out or winning awards. Variety is also important because many of us will abandon a diet if it becomes too boring or restrictive. Therefore enjoy this wonderful feast which is calorie light and easy to prepare! 

Pour half a pint of water in a bowl and put it into a microwave for about eight or nine minutes on full power. When you remove it, serve with a towel. Remember a bowl of hot steam is also perfect for winter evenings.


Eating Nothing is available from all good book stores.