HOLLYWOOD – Demi Moore is world famous but what do we really know about ex Mrs Bruce Willis and ex Mrs Ashton Kutcher?

We sent the Studio Exec FACT Squad to find out more about Demi Moore and divorce you from the Ashton Kutchner of your stupidity.

1. She’s still alive. 

2. Filming of Striptease and G.I. Jane overlapped and so Demi occasionally got flustered and shot people when she should have been taking her clothes off. And took her clothes off when she should have been killing people.

3. Demi Moore’s father Dudley Moore was made famous in his film Arthur, and she appears briefly in the film riding a horse. When Dudley gave Demi away at her first wedding he got drunk and peed in the avocado mousse. 

4. Demi Moore’s marriage began as an elaborate attempt to punk’d Ashton Kutchner and it continued as an elaborate attempt to punk’d him and finished when it was revealed that it wasn’t a joke.

5. Bruce Willis first met Demi on the set of Moonlighting when she was playing Cybil Shepherd, the female detective. They shared a love of chess, but found they were incompatible when he insisted on occasionally singing to her. Also Demi Moore once had really bad gas. But instead of being ashamed of this she used her own predicament to publicize the issue at the United Nations by having herself photographed and full Zeppelin mode. Five seconds after this photo was taken, Demi let rip and blew out the windows of the studio.

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In our continuing series of ‘47 Films to see before you’re murdered in your dreams’, we look at Pete and Dud’s Faustian comedy Bedazzled.

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore came out of the Oxbridge comedy scene, first achieving international fame with their participation in a satirical sketch show Beyond the Fridge, with Jonathan Miller and Alan Bennett. Moore, a talented musician, was offered a show by the BBC, but he felt the need for his chum to be involved and so Not Only (Dudley Moore) But Also (Peter Cook) was born. A forerunner and inspiration for Monty Python, only a few episodes have survived due to the BBC’s foresighted policy of taping over the original recordings to save money. Bedazzled was their first movie as writers and stars. Directed by Singing in the Rain director Stanley Donen, Bedazzled is a Faustian comedy of the swinging sixties. Wimpy short order cook, Moon (Moore) is given seven wishes with which to ensnare his love, singularly unattractive  waitress Margaret (Eleanor Bron), by George Spiggot (Cook) also known as the Devil.

The format allows for seven sketches in which the Devil wittily out wits the hapless Moon by turning each wish to his own advantage and against the wisher. When Moon wants to attract Margaret to love him as a pop star, his desperate pleading song of love is outshone by the Devil’s cool number of complete indifference.  Occasionally helped by the seven deadly sins – allowing for a jaw dropping cameo by Raquel Welch as Lust – the Devil is a sly ironic prankster, delighting in causing petty discomfort and with a pleasantly jaded view of the Brave New World of 1967. There’s nothing as sharp as their later manifestation of Derek and Clive, but Bedazzled is brilliantly clever and ceaselessly witty with both Moore and Cook at their best. Of course, Moore would go on to a kind of stardom that evaded the less camera friendly Cook, but his fans can at least satisfy themselves with Elizabeth Hurley’s wonderful impression of him in the remake of 2000.

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LINCOLNSHIRE – He is famous to audiences as the original Bilbo Baggins from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, but Ian Holm has had a long and chequered career as the wild man of British acting. The latest revelations published in his autobiography Holm Sweet Holm look set to shock the Hollywood community. 

The 82 year old actor began his career in the 1960s but came to prominence with his role as Ash the ‘science officer’ in Ridley Scott’s Alien. The book includes many witty anecdotes including how he once thrashed Dudley Moore with a belt. However, the most shocking chapter relates to the adventures of the Jolly Bastards, a club for British actors in Hollywood which has previously been exposed by the Studio Exec (CLICK HERE to read more):


We were wild in those days and I have to say I did several things – goaded on by Ralph Richardson and Charles Dance – which I am no longer proud of. One night, we were in James Belushi’s Hollywood bungalow, when we found some suspicious white powder in a lovely vase. ‘Go on, smoke it,’ Ralph said, and ever game for a dare, of course I did, only to find myself looking at a horrified young Jimmy Belushi who told me I’d just smoked his brother’s ashes. Of course, at first he was very upset but then after a while and under some heavy persuasion from Charlie, he was gradually convinced that it was precisely what John would have wanted. I’m afraid to say though, I was never invited back.

 Holm Sweet Holm is available from Amazon and all good bookshops.



HOLLYWOOD – Perhaps one of Hollywood’s most famous families – the Moores – are to be the subject of scandal mongering author Jinx Splack’s new book Moore the Merrier. Roger Moore and Mary Tyler-Moore founded the dynasty in 1963 when the future 007 renounced his bachelor ways for domestic bliss with an American icon.

Fiercely competitive from the start – especially with his younger brother the comedian and pianist Dudley Moore – Roger and Mary began hatching children almost immediately. First came the twins Demi and Julianne, and then troublesome little Mikey, who raged against his parents’ VIP lifestyle and made angry documentaries against close family friend Charlton Heston.

Patrick Moore – Roger and Dudley’s elder brother and famous in the UK as a TV astrologer – wrote in his memoirs Very Moore-ish:

To sit around Roger’s dinner table is to be hit with all the vulgarity of American success unleavened by any sense of humility. Demi and Julianne chew gum noisily in competing stages of dishabille; Michael stuffs himself with entire farms of food while talking about the poverty in the Third World (a science fiction film, perchance?), Mary ‘cracks wise’ and Roger cannot even bring himself to raise the famous eyebrow of disapproval.   

However, Jinx Splack’s new book claims controversially that the Moore family are not actually related.

Roger never married Mary Tyler Moore; he is not Dudley or Patrick Moore’s brother and Michael Moore, Demi Moore and Julianne Moore are not their children. They simply have the same surname.

Friends close to the family have reacted with anger, shock and confusion. ‘She’s just a bitch,’ said one source. Jinx Splack has a history of famous exposés including The Stewarts, in which she claimed that Jon Stewart and Patrick Stewart were not Rod Stewart’s children and Patrick Stewart and Martha Stewart were not married and had not had Kristen Stewart as their daughter. The publication of the book, however, was a severe blow to her credibility as it was disproved by ample DNA testing. Many see this as the end of a career which had begun so promisingly with her birlliant uncovering of The Baldwin Myth.