HOLLYWOOD – La La Land’s Ryan Gosling is an extraordinary actor but what do we really know about him?

We sent the Studio Exec FACT squad out to Los Angeles to find out about Ryan Gosling: the man Hollywood calls ‘the little goose’.

1. First, Ryan Gosling is named after a little goose.

2. The Drive actor is a believer in the macrobiotic diet, which means he only believes in eating really big robotic things. Like those robots that make cars. I think.

3. To prepare for his role as driver in Drive, Ryan Gosling drove.

4. La La Land was originally known as La La La Land, until Ryan insisted they drop a La.

5. In 2014, Gosling launched his own brand of vegetables called Ryan’s Vegetables.

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HOLLYWOOD – Following on from the cult success of Drive in 2011, Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling are teaming up for the long awaited sequel: Drive 2: Uber Driver.

The EXCLUSIVE first look poster arrived in the offices of the Studio Exec this morning along with the Drive 2 synopsis.

Driver is a man who has lost everything: his career as a stunt driver, his best friend, his girl. Chased by the mob, wanted by the cops and pressed by the … you know … economy, Driver is forced to take on one more job, one last job before he can split forever. He becomes an Uber Driver.

Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn called into the offices to chat about the new film.

Basically I did not want to make this sequel. I went to the Far East to make Only God Forgives as a way of doing something totally different. I knew James Sallis [author of the original Drive novel] had written a sequel called Driven, but I wasn’t interested in doing that, but I was back in LA last month and I was going to some industry function. I called a car. And who was driving it? Ryan Reynolds! It turned out that after Only God Forgives and Gangster Squad he’s been finding it difficult to get work. So we talked. I give him five stars. And I came up with this idea.

How will Drive 2 differ from Drive?

It will be less violent. I’ve done the violence thing now and when we talked to the Uber people about helping us out with some corporate sponsorship they did bring up in a note the issue that having an Uber driver working as a hit-man was kind of  a no-no for them. So we took out the violence and we just had Driver be a regular Uber guy.

Does he get a good rating form his clients?

No, because he doesn’t talk much. He just chews matchsticks and everyone keeps saying ‘Hey, are you Ryan Reynolds?’ And that makes Driver really mad, but he holds it in, quietly.

Driver 2 will be released in 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – Following the success of a BBC remix by Zane Lowe, Nicolas Winding Refn is to re-release Drive Remixed, featuring a new score based on the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The Pusher director spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

I watched the re-scored version of the film and I felt inspired. I phoned Ryan Gosling up and Carey Mulligan and we went into the studio Monday morning and recorded Truly Scrumptious, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Lovely Lonely Man, Toot Sweets and Come to the Fun Fair. Then Tuesday I put them into the film and we got the CGI guys to get their lips to move in synch. It was absolutely f*cking awesome. It brings out a whole new level to the film that I didn’t even suspect was there before.

What was the most surprising discovery?

The elevator scene. When Ryan is stamping on that guy’s head, he’s singing Hushabye Mountain and we re-edited it as well so it looks like he’s tap dancing. I mean we watched it on Friday and we all had tears in our eyes when the lights came back up. ‘This is like a joke right?’ Ryan said. Probably just because he was so happy with seeing his keynote performance rediscovered in such a truly awesome way.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was the creation of James Bond author Ian Fleming. The tale of a flying car which travels to a distant land was made into a film scripted by Roald Dahl and directed by Ken Hughes. It starred Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes. Another James Bond connection was evident in the casting of Goldfinger, Gert Frobes and the producer was the same as the 007 series, Harry Saltzman. The songs were written by the Sherman Brothers. Drive Remixed will not follow the plot of the original film.

Drive Remixed: Drivey Drivey Stamp Stamp will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD in time for Christmas. 


HOLLYWOOD – Waif-like pixie star of fragile beauty Carey Mulligan – star of An Education, Drive and The Great Gatsby – yesterday vowed to hunt and kill a paparazzo in what is becoming a disturbing new craze among the young and powerful in tinsel town.

‘They’ve had it their way too long,’ said Ms. Mulligan, announcing the first annual Hollywood paparazzi cull. ‘And now it’s our turn.’

Kanye West was arrested for jumping the gun slightly with an early strike on a photographer but cull organizer Hilary Swank put it down to ‘boyish exuberance’ and played down criticism, citing Nicole Kidman’s recent experience as justification.

They stalk us; they call us names and they even ride bikes into us. It’s time for a little pay back.

The cull – which is sponsored by Gucci – will see stars from across the Hollywood spectrum from Kurt Russell to Benedict Cumberbatch going after all photojournalists, armed mainly with diamond embossed throwing stars and decollete crossbows. Ms. Mulligan, however,has proven herself the most blood thirsty enthusiast, vowing to collect scalps which she will wear dripping with gore to the premier of her new film Far From the Madding Crowd.

A spokesman for the LAPD advised photojournalists to stay away from Beverly Hills if they could at all avoid it, but asked if they were going to take any action against Carey and her pals revealed that they were not inclined to ‘as she has such a fresh complexion’.

The 1st Annual Paparazzi Cull last from the 16th of September to the 23rd.


COPENHAGEN – Nicholas Winding Refn has revealed that his Drive follow up and Cannes contender Only God Forgives has taken as its inspiration The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The Pusher director commented:

I already had the script of Only God Forgive written when I saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and immediately I saw the thematic similarities of a violent clash between East and West, man and woman. I immediately rewrote the script to bring it more in line.

John Madden – director of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and other comfortably carpeted films such as Shakespeare In Love – said that he was flattered by the attention paid to his films:

I know Nicholas’ work very well and it is difficult for me to believe he could have found anything inspiring in my well worn but pleasant little film. And yet he is adamant that my film is the true inspiration for his so, with that in mind, I can only feel great pride. Mystification naturally, but also pride.  

The Great Dane (as Refn prefers to be known) said:

My film will obviously be a bit more violent, because basically I haven’t got the courage of John just to let the story tell itself and I need to drag the audience into my world via such flummeries. I tried to cast the same actors but Bill Nighy was doing every other film this year and had quite a full schedule and Judi Dench slapped my face, which I took as a personal honour.

Only God Forgives will première at the 66th Cannes Film Festival.


HOLLYWOOD – A-List actor and housewives’ favorite, Ryan Gosling has sensationally quit mainstream cinema for a career in adult entertainment.

TheStudio Exec caught up with Gosling on the set of his first porn film Missionary: Impossible in which he plays the lead character of super spy Ethan Hump.

Ryan. Why porn?

Well I came to the conclusion that the audience isn’t really interested in my movies. Sure they watch them and they pretend they appreciate my performance but at the end of the day they just want to see my cock.

How did you reach that conclusion?

I get about 100 fan letters a day, from both men and women and they never say ‘Hey Ryan, I admired your work in Blue Valentine or ‘ Your performance in Half-Nelson encouraged me to get off crack’. Instead, it’s always ‘Can you send me a picture of your cock?’ Personally I don’t find the male genitalia that aesthetically pleasing but I guess I’m in the minority.

Why do you think people are infatuated with your penis?

I’m just the flavour of the month. Mike Fassbender told me he used to get 1000s of requests and he only did Shame because he was sick of photocopying his cock. After he showed it on camera the requests stop coming. People just want to see it. Christ knows what they think I’ve got down there.

I assume that it must be impressive.

You’ll never get to know. I’ll be using a stunt cock for all of my sex scenes.

What’s a stunt cock?

My buddy Jimmy Riggs. It’s his cock you’ll see on all the close ups. You think I’m going to show my cock on camera? My f*cking mother’s alive for Christ sake. Would you want your mother to see your cock?

Well if you aren’t showing your own cock then surely you’ll still get the requests.

Yeah but as far as I’m concerned that’s better than the alternative. Hell I might have kids one day and do I want to sit across from my son or daughter’s English teacher at parents’ evening thinking ‘Have they seen my cock?’ No I do not.

But what if the English teacher was one of those people who wrote to you to request a picture?

Then they should be f*cking fired! What kind of weird bastard writes to someone to ask them to send you a picture of their cock! Most of the time they don’t even introduce themselves or bother starting the letter with a ‘Dear Ryan’. Last week I got cocktail napkin with ‘SEND COCK’ written in lipstick. I mean whatever happened to common f*cking courtesy?

Indeed. Sorry that’s all we’ve got time for. By the way, would you mind autographing a picture for my wife? Put, to Karen, all my love Ryan.

Sure no problem. I’ve got some head shots here. Do you think she’ll want a side profile or face forward?

Er. I don’t suppose you’ve got any of those cock shots left do you?


HOLLYWOOD – Today Hollywood was in tatters following the revelation that Ryan Gosling is actually twice-Oscar-winning German actor Christoph Waltz‘s ‘natural’ son.

‘It’s true,’ the Teutonic actor admitted. ‘Ish.’ Rumors have been rife for some time, but when some idiot typed the words ‘Christoph Waltz young’ into Google, they were shocked to find that the truth had been there all along.

Gosling, whose finest work was not in Gangster Squad, has decided to deny reality.

No my dad is Canadian. I’m not related in anyway to Mr. Waltz although I do admire his work.  I think we just look a little similar. Not really that much when it comes down to it. 

Chrisptoph Waltz – who was famous in his native Germany for having invented a dance – was spotted by Quentin Tarantino in the German version of Dancing with the Stars called Tanzen Mit Den Sternen and cast in Reservoir Dogs where he played the manager of the jewelers that got robbed.

I was disappointed not to be in the finished film, but Quentin remembered me and said one of these days I’ll do a film about Nazis and you can be in that. Really I am a very lucky man. 

How do you feel about having a son?

It’s hard to assimilate. I was very drunk in the Seventies so it wouldn’t be impossible and he is an actor, like me. So yes. I’m very happy. We will play the stick and the bat together.