LOS ANGELES – Hollywood legend Doris Day confirmed this morning that she will make her acting comeback playing Mickey Rourke’s love interest in Adrian Lyne’s 91 ½ Years.

I’ve been offered so many roles over the past four decades but I was busy running my dog sanctuary, [said a bubbly Day.]

I almost came out of retirement to play the Sharon Stone role in Basic Instinct but they were filming on the days I go to my knitting circle and David Lynch begged me to take the lead in Mullholland Drive but unfortunately I was undergoing hip replacement surgery.

Day confessed she almost turned down the role in Lyne’s erotic thriller but the casting of Mickey Rourke convinced her to accept.

I’ve always admired Mickey. He’s such a professional and it’s always been a fantasy of mine to make love to him on screen. Sure the years haven’t been kind and his face looks like a blind cobbler’s thumb but during our sex scenes I closed my eyes and imagined the pretty boy he once was.

Day went on to say that Lyne was concerned he was tarnishing her wholesome image

Adrian asked if I wanted a body double but I said to hell with it. If you don’t mind bits of me flapping about then let’s make the scenes as realistic as possible. I admit I’m not as naturally limber as I once was after a spoonful of cod liver oil and some light stretching, I’m as flexible as a rhythmic gymnast.     

91 ½ Years is due for release in 2014