The Farrelly brothers Rosemary’s Baby remake gets the green light as news spread that Pineapple Express director, David Gordon Green is to direct a new Exorcist trilogy.

As an unusual genre for the Farrelly brothers Rosemary’s Baby remake will star Amy Adams as Rosemary (previously played by Mia Farrow) and Jon Hamm as Guy (previously played by Nick Cassavetes). 


The Farrelly Brothers Rosemary’s Baby

The Farrellys told The Exec,  ‘We’re huge fans of Polanski’s films. Uumm… up to and including Chinatown. But nothing after that. Y’know what I talking about. And we always thought we would be a perfect fit to bring Rosemary’s story to a new generation. We will tell her story with compassion and sensitivity. Oh, and a whole heap of fart gags.’


Shallow Hell

‘We’ve got a great supporting cast lined up and ready to go. We have Kirstie Alley in the Ruth Gordon role. We’re very proud to announce we have Kevin James on board as Satan. He just brings so much class and heft to any role he plays. From The King Of Queens where he pulled funny faces and fell over a lot, to Paul Blart Mall Cop, where he pulled funny faces and fell over a lot. The man’s a comic genius.’


An American Wayans In Venice

The Wayans brothers brought us classics such as White Chicks and 85 entries in the Scary Movie franchise and are remaking another horror classic. They will write, direct and star in a remake of Don’t Look Now. It will be called ‘What The Fuck Was That?!’ Marlon Wayans will play all three main roles including the mysterious figure in the red coat. 


The Farrelly Brothers’ There’s Something About Rosemary Starts Shooting In September. The Wayans’ What The Fuck Was That?! Starts Shooting In November. The Sequels Will Start Shooting In December.


HOLLYWOOD – 1973 Nicolas Roeg classic Don’t Look Now is to be ruined  by the team that made Liam Neeson forgettable.

Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman – the producing partnership that brought us such sub-Neeson slop as Unknown and Non-Stop – have acquired the rights and are currently deciding whether to continue ruining Liam Neeson’s career or if they want to bring in a remake ruining specialist such as Mark Wahlberg was has a proven record of ruining remakes.

The original film was based on a Daphne Du Maurier short story, but used that inspiration to create a highly original, experimental and sophisticated movie which is at once a serious and erotic relationship drama, an art movie and one of the creepiest horror films ever made. An architect John Baxter (Donald Sutherland) and his wife (Julie Christie) are in Venice, where Baxter is renovating a church. The couple are trying to rebuild their lives following the death of their daughter, who drowned in their pond. A series of murders are taking place in the city of canals and John is disturbed by his wife’s friendship with a pair of spiritualist sisters.

The reboot / reiteration / re-imagining is unlikely to bear little relationship to the original.