HOLLYWOOD – The trailer for Lando: A Star Wars Story dropped during the NFL Super Bowl and it featured a surprise.

The new Star Wars Story – featuring Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian – just dropped its first teaser trailer and there was a surprise for fans. A brief appearance of Han Solo.  Don’t get too excited it wasn’t Harrison Ford. But rather Alden Ehrenreich. The film is directed by the team who brought you Cloudy with Meatballs and The Lego Movie Far and Away and The DaVinci Code and tells the story of how Childish Gambino became the most legendary smuggler and gambler in the galaxy.

The film also stars Daenerys Targaryen and Woody from Cheers. The appearance of a slightly younger Han Solo than the Han Solo that appears in New Hope sparked speculation that there might be a stand alone Solo Story in the offing.  A rumor that Kathleen Kennedy quickly snuffed.

There will be no stand alone Han Solo movie. Everyone knows that Han Solo is a side show to the more interesting stuff about Skywalkers and Jedis. Plus there’s no actor who could sustain a full length movie playing the iconic role which Harrison Ford created.

Lando: A Star Wars Story will be released in the Summer.


HOLLYWOOD –   fire Chris Miller and Phil Lord from the stand alone Star Wars movie Han Solo because ‘they wanted to go full lego’.

The Studio Exec received the shocking news that comedy directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have been fired from the Han Solo movie only weeks before filming wraps. According to sources close to the production the firing came after tensions between Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan built up with the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs duo. An insider told the Studio Exec:

At first everyone was on board with the direction that Phil and Chris were proposing. Kathleen hired them for their off the wall humor and their irreverence. But there was one major stumbling block that was never fully dealt with and that was what finally did for them. They wanted to do the whole film with lego.

You mean like an animated movie?

No, they were filming live action scenes. We went to Italy to film in the Dolomites. All over the place. But when the actors came on set they found these Lego versions of themselves. Chris told them to just voice the characters while Phil and Chris moved the Lego around.


I know. At first we assumed they were doing pre-viz. You know that’s the thing now. But when the cast complained then Phil told wardrobe to basically make these huge Lego costumes. The guys run a fun set so we assumed it was a practical joke. But it went on all day and then the next. Kathleen was just fuming. She kept talking to Ron Howard all the time and she always had him on speaker phone so the guys and the crew could hear. She’d say things like ‘I could drop a rock on their heads while they’re sleeping’ and ‘twenty dollars buys me a guy called Luciano and no questions asked’. They began to get scared but they were unerring in their artistic vision. I’ll give them that.

The film stars Alden Ehrenreich in the role of the space smuggler, made famous by Harrison Ford. Donald Glover plays Lando Calrissian.

Han Solo will be released in 2018.