BALTIMORE – David Simon‘s classic HBO crime series The Wire is finally going to hit the big screens next year after a long period in development hell.

Director Harmony Korine has been entrusted with bringing the multi-layered and subtly wrought socio-political portrait of inner city America in free fall to the screen.

He spoke exclusively to Studio Exec last night:

I really respect what David Simon did with his five seasons, but this is a movie and there are going to have to be some changes. Plus he’s like almost dead he’s so old. He’s fifty or something. And what kids want to see today is young voices like me. Uncompromising and unflinching, bringing a hard look to the world of hard drugs.

 How will the film differ from the TV show?

In the TV show there were all these old people, Idris Elba and Dominic West and what have you. None of them wearing bikinis, I’d note as well. None. So in my film James Franco will be the oldest member of the cast. He’ll be the drug king pin and then we have Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus as the girl cops fresh from the academy who have to pose as strippers in a lap dance joint where they make their entrances suspended above the stage on a … wait for it … wire! Right? As part of the..investigation thing.

The Wire will be released in 2015. 




NEW YORK – A whole series of American TV channels have been accused of kidnapping British drama school students when they are only children and transporting them to the States, where they are kept in cages and forced to adopt semi-convincing American accents, before appearing in gritty drama series.

Hugh Laurie was taken when he was only fourteen years old.

Many are too scared to speak out. And plus once the shows begin and the money starts to become quite good then they get used to the swimming pools and they don’t look back. It’s really the swimming pools that get you in the end. 

Idris Elba

Idris Elba and Dominic West were taken from the same school by David Simon and trained for three years before being released onto The Wire:

Neither one of us had ever been to Baltimore, nor for that matter the US. And there we were in the middle of a gripping and honest expose of the American drug war. Only two years earlier we had been playing cricket on the old village green, while our old mother (God Bless her) slapped the chickens.     

Damien Lewis was the latest to be kidnapped and brainwashed in scenes ironically reminiscent of the whiplash plot of his hit TV series Homeland. He joined Andrew Lincoln from the AMC show The Walking Dead in an attempted escape, but it was foiled when they realised the guns they were carrying only fired blanks and they were lured back to their respective shows with strategically placed buckets of money.