LOS ANGELES – Immediately following the Supreme Court ruling that struck down major parts of the Defence of Marriage Act and bolstered the fight for gay marriage, gay rights activists were lining up to thank the one man who had done the most for marriage equality in Hollywood: Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler has done the most to promote gay rights in Hollywood, it has been agreed.

Joan Adleston who has lived with her partner Beth for twenty years in West Hollywood said, “2007 was the watershed year. That was the moment Beth and I went to see I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry. I turned to her and said ‘We’re almost there’. And I was right.”

It is believed that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is a huge Adam Sandler fan and his thinking on the issue has ‘evolved’ as a direct result of the comedy in which two straight firemen pretend to be gay in order to receive domestic couple benefits. Legal expert Xanax Petersburn argues:

Court watchers have long divided the court on political grounds, but the truth is the most obvious division is between Kevin James fans and those who prefer Adam Sandler. But in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry that division is no longer relevant. And that’s what did it for DOMA.

Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson and Leonardo Di Caprio all effusively praised Sandler’s contribution to the fight for marriage equality. Foster said:

Every epoch has its crusading heroes: its Sean Penns and Jane Fondas. Well, Adam Sandler has been quietly fighting for gay rights and – more importantly – winning.

 Adam Sandler was unavailable for comment.