HOLLYWOOD – The long awaited sequel to Rocky IV – Rocky IV 2: Drago’s Revenge – has a new poster.

Rocky IV 2: Drago’s Revenge starring Dolph Lungren got its first poster today. The sequel to the 1985 boxing classic Rocky IV will be a new twist on the old premise. We spoke with director Sylvester Stallone on the new movie:

Rocky IV came out at the height of the Cold War and so it was definitely us against them. I think that our film and the song ‘Russians’ by Sting are credited with effectively ending the Soviet Union. However, now we live in a very different climate and I wanted our film to reflect our new relationship with Russia.

How so?

Well in the new film Ivan Drago is actually going to be the hero.

Fuck off!

No, it’s true. Ivan Drago has become an American citizen, following his defeat at the hands of Balboa. He rebuilds his career, vowing to Make America Great Again. It’s like a chant he has. The end of the film is going to be a stirring speech in which he tells all the Americans that we are all the same and that Russia and the United States is to be united and governed by the same President/Premier.


Exactly that word that you said.

Rocky IV 2: Drago’s Revenge will be released in 2018.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.