HOLLYWOOD – Benedict Cumberbatch is to make his directorial debut with a big screen adaptation of BBC cult sci-fi show Blake’s 7.

Fans of BBC cult show Blake’s 7 were celebrating today, when Benedict Cumberbatch announced that he would be directing a movie of the 80s science fiction series. He spoke EXCLUSIVELY with The Studio Exec about his long-cherished project:

Of course I was a bit young for Blake’s 7 when it was first shown (1978-1981), but my uncle had them all on video cassette because he worked for the BBC and I got hooked. For me it was a little bit more sci-fi than Doctor Who, which I also loved. Blake’s 7 was just something else though.

Cumberbatch won’t be playing Blake though.

No I’ve got Tom Hardy for that role. He’s so charismatic. I’m not sure if people would believe me as that sort of leader.

But he will be acting as Ker Avon, an ambiguous member of the seven.

It is a role I’ve been dying to play my whole life. Of course, it’ll be hard to live up to Paul Darrow’s masterful performance. Paul Bettany is on board to play Villa and Cate Blanchet will play the arch-villainess Servalan.

Blake’s 7 will be released in 2019.


LONDON – Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi has confessed to having five nipples.

Speaking to French cultural magazine Chapeau, Peter Capaldi revealed that he has five nipples.

I first noticed as a child that I had these extra nipples. It was the strangest thing. Most people have two nipples, but I had these three more. They run across my chest. I have to say it gets quite crowded in there. I’m not saying it’s an affliction or anything like that. I mean, when I was young I would worry that it might put off the ladies. But it turns out it’s a real turn on. The more nipples, the merrier, one lassie said. The other advantage is that when I went for auditions I always had an interesting story. All I needed to do was take my shirt off and suddenly I was standing out from the crowd.

Does milk come out of them?

No. No they’re just like ordinary male nipples. This isn’t actually as rare a condition as you might think. The Supernumerary Nipple Association boasts over over five thousand members world wide both men and women. We need to get rid of the shame and have us over-nippled come out of the bloody shadows. Here we are. So what if we have more tits than most?

Capaldi plays the titular time lord in the popular BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special will be shown at Christmas.


LONDON – Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch will co-star in a Xmas Special edition of Sherlock for the BBC, written by Steven Moffat and directed by Guy Ritchie.

Writer Moffat told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about the idea of getting Cumberbatch and Downey Jr together:

We’re absolutely stoked about this opportunity. Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. have given audiences an amazing pair of Sherlocks, entirely different, but entirely convincing and to see them together in an adventure is almost too exciting for words. My cerebral and witty script will be complemented by Mr. Guy Ritchie’s high octane, and slightly nonsensical action direction.

How will you explain the presence of two Sherlocks in the same world?

That’s relatively easy. It’s no secret that I also have had a hand in the new Doctor Who. Well, I’ve decided to move both the Sherlocks into the Doctor Who universe. In fact, there is a reveal that explains how it is that Sherlocks are so clever. What I’m saying is what if the Sherlocks actually had access to a machine that allowed them to travel in time and were also able to regenerate.

Sherlock Holmes is a Time Lord?

Not only a Time Lord. Why not THE Time Lord?

Doctor Sherlock Holmes will be broadcast on Christmas Day.


The BBC TV show Doctor Who is 50 years old and so come and enter the Tardis of TRUTH and we will whirl through a vortex of time and space until all the FACTS have been revealed. 

1. Doctor Who is for children.

2. Doctor Who is a children’s television program, for children.

3. Most of the time travel is actually faked using costumes and sets.

4. The best Doctor was Sean Connery.

5. The original Tardis was actually smaller on the inside and bigger on the outside but they changed this around for making sense reasons.

For more FACTS click here.  


LONDON – A controversial new book by eminent historian Crispin Hake claims that revered actor and housewives’ choice Tom Hiddleston is really a time traveller from the planet Gallifrey.

“I was as stunned as anyone” said a stunned Hake

I was conducting research into the history of photography when I discovered an old CIA file labelled ‘Top Secret’. I looked inside and I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

Hake claims the file contained over 80 photographs of Tom and a 1000 page report charting his movements throughout the last 150 years.

It seems that Tom has appeared so frequently that the US government had to manipulate images and replace him with other characters so people wouldn’t start asking questions. Not only do we know he’s been around since the invention of the camera but there is evidence to suggest he could have been living amongst us for centuries!

The Hiddleston camp have been quick to deny these rumours and his army of fans have already forced Hake to close down his twitter account.

“Tom isn’t a time traveller. He’s a God!” said 14 year old majorette Tina Lopez.

Whatever the truth may be. The below photographs will certainly lead some to question the truth behind the Hiddleston conundrum.