HOLLYWOOD – Fans of Django Reindhart watched the new trailer for Django Unchained with increasing alarm. ‘We’ve had three trailers, I think,’ said Kilgore Truckstop, the President of the Django Reindhart Appreciation Society. ‘And there isn’t a lick of jazz guitar in any of the footage.’

The director, Quentin Tarantino, has consistently denied that there was ever any intention to make a Django Reindhart biopic. (Click here for an earlier denial)

‘He’s just got the same first name,’ said the Jackie Brown scenarist. ‘That’s it. That’s the whole fucking thing.’

When asked whether fans of the jazz guitarist were going to boycott the film, Kilgore was adamant. ‘No, no, no, absolutely not,’ he said. ‘I’m going to go. I love Tarantino’s films. I mean I didn’t even think it was about Django Reindhart before Studio Exec brought it to my attention. It seemed strange even then. Reminds me more of that Sergio Corbucci Western. What was it called?’

So the controversy rages on.


HOLLYWOOD – Quentin Tarantino has reacted with fury at the suggestion that his new film Django Unchained is in fact a biopic of legendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt (pictured).

‘It’s a fucking Western,’ the Reservoir Dogs director spluttered, before backing up his ludicrous claim with some motor-mouthed guff about Spaghetti Westerns and Franco Nero. ‘I mean look at the trailer. It’s ludicrous.’

However, Tarantino did admit that confusion had leaked into the production when Jamie Foxx – in preparing for the title role of Django – took a six month course in jazz guitar. ‘I felt so bad about Jamie taking such pains that we did film some sequences of Jamie playing the guitar but I knew that was all going to be cut out,’ Tarantino explains. ‘Oh, wait a minute, maybe that’s where the rumour came from.’

Kilgore Truckstop – the secretary of the Django Reinhardt Appreciation Society – reacted with excitement at the prospect of a biopic dedicated to the life and work of jazz guitar’s most famous proponent. ‘We’re going to organise coach parties, or a coach party,’ Trout said. ‘Or maybe I’ll just give them all a lift. I’ve got an SUV.’

Meanwhile, there is talk of a follow up Thelonius Monk Off the Hook; the script for which Tarantino has reportedly already completed.