NEW YORK – Fox news boss Roger Ailes is to guest star on the Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, Roger Ailes talked about his new career path:

For years I’ve been the man behind the news. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve eschewed the limelight. But now I feel it’s time to got out front and showed people who I am. And all I am.

At first, Roger will be dropped in the remote Highlands of Scotland without a stitch of clothing. Here he will have to fend for himself and survive without food or water or clothing. Ailes remarked:

I am a man who would like to test myself. I’ve got used to rich living and I want to challenge myself, lose some flab and pit myself against the challenges that the harsh environment will throw at me.

The Discovery Channel noted some changes to its traditional format for the Roger Ailes show.

Usually, we have two participants, a man and a woman who must work together. However, given recent accusation against Mr. Ailes, we decided that his episode will be a solo effort to avoid any legal difficulty. We also decided that we would not have a time limit and although usually at the end of an agreed period we helicopter in and pick the participant up, we’ve decided we’ll just leave Roger out there for as long as it takes.

Roger Ailes will be Naked and Afraid in November.


HOLLYWOOD – In a unique collaboration, the History Channel and Discovery are going to broadcast Nazi Shark Week early next year.

The season will a week long program of documentaries, quiz shows and Nazi Shark themed films that will appeal to fans of Nazi history and the most dangerous predator of the oceans and those who like Nazi Sharks as well.

Presenter John Cusack told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

People have been fascinated by sharks for centuries, but many do not know how closely they hold to the tenets of National Socialism as espoused by Adolph Hitler. In this season of informative and educational programs, the Discovery and History Channels will show how sharks aided and abetted the Dictator’s rise to power from a so-so painter in Munich to a man who caused the death of millions.

The season kicks off with a three hour marathon Nuremberg Rally shot off the coast of Australia where the rise of the far right sharks have worried surfers and the Australian government for the past five years. Then there will be a series of historical documentaries about the beginnings of shark fascism in Italy, the roles sharks played in maintaining international neutrality in the midst of the Spanish Civil War and Hitler’s infamous Das Shark battalions that fought alongside the U-Boat fleet. Throughout the week there will be updates from Great White Supremacist Shark Watch, which follows a family of Great White Sharks who will be living with a black family to see if they can’t find common ground.

Shark Week begins on January the 13th, 2015.