HOLLYWOOD – When Steven Spielberg announced that Liam Neeson had dropped out of the Lincoln project – switching from a diet of ham to wolf – Daniel Day-Lewis seemed like dream casting.

However, some of his closest friends and advisers worried that the actor’s famous commitment to the METHOD might prove dangerous in the case of America’s 16th President.

Now Studio Exec can exclusively reveal some of the preparations, The Left Foot – as he prefers to be known –  went through in order to create the most convincing portrayal:

  • DDL grew a beard that covered the chin area and his jaw line but was careful (and this is the important part) not to grow a mustache. He didn’t shave it you understand: he didn’t grow it by an act of pure will.    
  • DDL emancipated the slaves at Steven Spielberg’s plantation in Montana, which he had kept there illegally since the mid-seventies. For more on the story click HERE.
  • DDL texted co-star Sally Fields signing himself, Abe which historian Diane Goodwin-Keane says is exactly how the real Abraham Lincoln signed off when he was texting his wife (though he used a Nokia).
  • To prepare for one of the most difficult scenes in the movie, DDL had himself shot in the back of the head repeatedly for a week in order to develop muscle memory. The stunt coordinator Jimmy Phelps used a revolver and bullets trues to the period.