HOLLYWOOD – The Despicable Me spin off Minions is itself getting a series of spin offs with the first ‘stand alone’ Minion film: We Need to Talk About Kevin.

The first Minions ‘stand alone’ film We Need to Talk about Kevin is due to be released early next year and will star Tilda Swinton and Kevin Spacey will voice Kevin the Minion.

Director Pierre Coffin described the concept EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec earlier this week:

It’s very simple. Throughout the two Despicable Me films and then with Minions, we have observed as a creative team how the characters of the individual Minions have emerged. At first they were just this mass of yellow raspberry blowers and the joke was they were all pretty much the same. But then it became apparent that they each had individual characters and once we noticed that we decided we wanted to really explore those characters. We wanted to show the world that these little guys had feelings and problems and the ‘stand alone’ movies will do that in the way the Star Wars movies are doing it. We are expanding the Minions universe.

Tell us about the first film.

We Need to Talk About Kevin is an origin story. We think we’ve gone far enough with the humor that has kept the films very jolly and fun. Now we wanted to do something dark. I was really influenced by Christopher Nolan and Batman Begins when I did this. So Kevin (Kevin Spacey) is a young minion  who simply won’t fit in. He has a very hard time relating to his mother, played by the wonderful Tilda Swinton, and he has an allergy to all food that isn’t bananas or ice-cream.  There’s a kind of Columbine subplot as well.

Sorry, a what?

It is dark. The idea is that Kevin is planning something terrible, but it is only when he latches on to his true identity that things begins to go better and I think people will watch this film and then hopefully go back and watch Despicable Me 1 and they’ll see it in a totally new light.

We Need to Talk about Kevin will be released in 2016. 

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.


KIEV – In an attempt to resolve the violent political strife currently assailing Ukraine, the UN in New York voted a resolution to deploy the Minions made famous by their appearance in Despicable Me and the significantly better Despicable Me 2.

The General Secretary of the UN, Ban Ki-moon said that the Minions would be on a peace keeping mission which sought to diffuse the violence and provide a road map for a peaceful resolution to the internal conflict which has cost over hundred lives. 

Many questioned my judgement when I gave the Minions ambassadorial status last year, but now I think their worth will become obvious to everyone. They will be inserted between the forces of the police and military and the protesters who have occupied the squares.

Won’t there be an element of risk? What happens when the first Minion is brought home in a body bag?

Okay. Number one, they’re practically indestructible. We’ve tested them. You can’t burn them, drown them or blow them up. They’re impervious to bullet fire and gas. Number two, they’re just so damned cute. Who in their right mind will be able to resist them and their singing nonsense words and occasionally shouting ‘banana’. I mean, really? Three, they’re really cheap. 

Despicable Me 3: Blood Diamonds will be released in 2015.