LONDON – A new campaign has started to liberate Alan Parker, the British film maker behind such hits as Angel Heart and Midnight Express, who has been held under house arrest since his atrocious The Life of David Gale was released in 2003.

Lisa Bonet joined other celebrities at an event in the K-Mart car park near Venice Beach where protesters sacrificed chickens and danced about in a way that by-standers called ‘disturbing’ and ‘irrelevant’.
However, though the Bugsy Malone director has many supporters, not everyone believes Mr. Parker should be freed.
‘The Life of David Gale was pretty bad and before that Angela’s Ashes, sheesh,’ butted in Martin Scorsese. ‘Then Pink Floyd The Wall and Fame [makes being sick noises].’

Despite Scorsese’s hatred of Parker, others have rallied to his defence, including Dennis Quaid who appeared in Come See the Paradise and Nicholas Cage who had an early role in Birdy back when he was still acting.