You, yes I’m going to kill you!

The new Jack Reacher trailer released earlier this week, revealed a kick ass action thriller with a mean looking Tom Cruise being pithy and aggressive with a surprising cameo from Werner Herzog as a lisping Austrian accented villain, possibly a first in a Hollywood film. Less noted however was an entire sub-plot that is teased.

Robert Duvall appears briefly with the line “You’re a little rusty, Reacher.” Rusty Reacher was the stunt coordinator on Days of Thunder in which both Duvall and Tom Cruise appeared in 1990. To add to specualtion that Jack Reacher is actually an unofficial sequel to Days of Thunder, it has also been pointed out that Jack Reacher has the same number of letters as Cole Treacle, (the character he played in Days of Thunder) and both characters seem to be able to drive cars and use telephones.

Writer and director of Jack Reacher, Christopher McQuarrie said the theories were “Nonsense.”, and “Horse apples.”, a distraction from his over arching artistic plan. “Reacher completes the trilogy that began with The Way of the Gun and continued with The Tourist. It’s like Wagner’s Ring cycle. By which I mean to say it is that good and that culturally significant.”

Mr McQuarrie was recently listed on Variety’s list of the top 25 Hollywood super powers who most deserve a slap.