Breaking News – Hot on the tails of the Super Mario Bros movie announcement, it has been confirmed that a David Lynch Chuckie Egg movie is in development. The David Lynch Chuckie Egg movie will be based on the smash hit 80s computer game of the same name. The Exec caught up with Lynch to discuss his new project.

[Cough] David, do you have to smoke in here during the interview?


… Ok then. Can You Tell Us What Drew You To Such A Different Kind Of Project?

Well, it’s like this. People know me for making films that don’t necessarily have linear narratives, bourgeois constructs or easy to follow plots, if any. I’m an artist that seeks constant reinvention and stimulus. Therefore I was very stimulated when Paramount drove a truck full of money up to my home and told me to look at their script for Chuckie Egg: The Movie. I thought to myself, ‘David, it’s time for reinvention. Oh, and a new swimming pool. Ya can’t forget the swimming pool.’

So This Isn’t Going To Be A Subversive Take On The Computer Game Movie Genre?

Fuck, no! As I said, I have reinvented myself. I’m gonna be the darling of the studios. You think Ron Howard is a safe, 7/10 kinda director? You aint seen nothing yet. I’m gonna direct this shit by the numbers. I’ve already been on to McDonalds about a Chuckie Egg McMuffin tie in. This will be the blandest movie I ever made.

Is It Live Action Or CGI?

It’s whatever the fuck the producers tell me it’s gonna be. We haven’t had the initial feedback data from the focus groups yet, so we really can’t say at this stage. But I guarantee you this, Mr Chuckie will have his eggs and eat them.

Had You Ever Heard Of Chuckie Egg Before You Read The Script?

Script? Have you seen the script? If you do, then please forward me a copy. I’ve heard it’s great. But to answer your question, no. I never played video games in the 80s. I was too busy making Dune, Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. What were you doing?

David Lynch’s Chuckie Egg: The Movie Starts Filming In December


HOLLYWOOD – Showbiz golden balls, Denis Villeneuve is to remake Blue Velvet.

Former Formula 1 racing driver, Denis Villeneuve will remake Blue Velvet right after Dune is released, according to a leaked memo.

In a leaked memo from his production office, ex racing driver, turned mega-successful movie director, Villeneuve lays out his plans for the future:

“Once Dune has been released I will embark on remaking Blue Velvet. I have cast Timothee Chamalamalamalamet as Jeffrey, the Kyle MacLachlan role. Zendaya will play Sandy, originally played by Laura Dern, Rebecca Ferguson will play Dorothy, originally played by Isabella Rossellini, Nic Cage will play oxygen mask wearing Frank and Kyle McLachlan will cameo as Ben, the part originally played by Dean Stockwell.
I’m going to make it more of a straight action thriller, none of that atmospheric bullshit. I’ve done more than enough of the artsy-fartsy crap to last me a lifetime. I’m gonna make the movies I want from now on.

As soon as we’ve banged that out – it should take me about 3 months from 1st draft to wrapping on the shoot, we’re moving swiftly on. Because I’m gonna remake Wild At Heart. Timothee Chamalamaleee as Sailor, Zendaya will play Lula and Willem Dafoe will still play Billy. Because, let’s face it, nobody does looney tunes as well as he does. But none of that surreal shit. It’ll be a fun road movie, like Planes, Trains and Automobiles. We’ll use Little Mix rather than some long haired Metal band, we’ll make a fortune.

Then, as soon as I’ve done that – should take me about 3 months from 1st draft to wrapping on the shoot, we move on. Bacause I’m gonna remake The Straight Story. Timothee Chamalamadingdong will play Alvin the old man, we’ll put him in a grey wig. Therefore, no one’ll know the difference. But we’re not having any of that gentle drama crap. We’re going full on Smokey And The Bandit. Cissy Spacek will play Big Enus and Rebecca Ferguson will play Little Enus. Nick Nolte will be The Snowman and Daniel Craig will Buford T Justice. I’m a fucking genius.”

Dune is due in theatres October 2021.


BARROW-IN-FURNESS – Former bit part player Max Gash on how he helped make David Lynch’s Eraserhead.

Eraserhead. What the fuck was that about? I mean, I remember going to the first showing of the film which was held somewhere in Culver City. sitting next to David, I could tell he was nervous. I said to him, “How are you feeling David?” He turned back to me and I’ll never forget his words. He said, “Max, I’m fucking nervous.” It wasn’t hard to read between the lines. There is no doubt the screening couldn’t have gone worse. The sound mix didn’t work. And the audience had all bought tickets to see The Spy Who Loved Me. Eraserhead was many things, but a Bond movie is not one of them.

I had worked intermittently on the film. What you have to understand is that David was making that film for four years. At one stage Jack Nance, his many actor, accidentally got a haircut and the production closed down for six months while he grew it back. I already knew David from Philadelphia where we both attended the art school. Everyone already knew David was weird. He used to wear three shirts and two ties at the same time. Once he wore one of those bow ties that when you press a button twirls around. He made short films and I had a role in A Man Being Sick on a Baby. It’s since disappeared but at the time it was a hot controversial piece of work, leading in part to Eraserhead.

“You’re my mascot,” David said when he offered me a major part in the film. “What do you say Max?”

I hadn’t even considered acting but I thought it would turn out fun. Plus David was just one of those people it was great to be around.


David had a way of getting everyone involved in what he was doing. Not only did I act, I drove him around while he delivered newspapers to earn extra money. Then I sold my house to buy film stock. He was so happy. My then pregnant wife, Ilsa, less so. But we were crazy for art and we had a tent. Jack and I would always be the first on set, except for David of course, who was basically living there. We worked for years. Occasionally I went off to make other films, but David was very supportive and ready for me when I came back.

My role was secret and complicated. The costume took five hours to put on and five hours to take off and then we filmed for sixteen hours. This meant that I only ever got halfway through taking the costume off before I had to start putting it back on again.

Of course when I finally saw the film, I couldn’t believe I received no credit. “I don’t want to ruin the mystery,” David said. You see he was getting a lot of praise about how he managed to do the baby that is at the center of the film. And he believed that if everyone knew it was just Max Gash in a suit they would no longer be impressed. Years later, I’d talk to John Hurt and hear that David had tried to pull the same trick with him on The Elephant Man. At a party in 1986 I bumped into Burt Reynolds and he confided in me a similar story about the making of Dune in which he played a giant Sand Worm.

But I can’t be mad at David long. Originally the film was called Flat Fred, but then at the end of the shoot I was taking a photograph and I couldn’t see David’s face because he was looking down. “Raise your head, David,” I shouted. A light went on in his eyes and the rest is history.


HOLLYWOOD – David Lynch agrees to film TV series of Wild at Heart.

Following the success of Twin Peaks: the Return, David Lynch is once more looking to the small screen for a spin off of his 1990 hit Wild at Heart. The original movie starred Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern as lovers Sailor and Lula, on a mad road movie pursued by Lula’s crazed mother. Many discussions of a sequel have circulated, but now it looks like a TV show is the preferred option.

We spoke to Lynch yesterday:

So Wild at Heart?

Yeah, I like the idea. It’s neat. I really enjoyed working on Twin Peaks. The new one. I liked the way that we could really tell a long story. It felt much better than having to squeeze everything into a short period. You know, for a film.

How far along are you?

What with the script? We’re done with the first three episodes. I have story outlines for the whole season. We are also talking with actors to cast. It’s going to be very challenging to have actors come up with something that’ll compare with Laura and Nic and what they did. Though both of those guys will be coming back for small parts during the series. They won’t be in every episode or anything like that, but you know what I mean.

Why Netflix?

Well, I did the thing with the monkey, What Did jack Do? and that was a lot of fun and they showed that. We just started to have a conversation and those folks have a lot of money and I mean, a lot of money. So I always have these ideas and I said what if me and the monkey went on a road trip, like Wild at Heart. They misheard me and thought I said I wanted to do Wild at Heart. And they just began to throw money at me.

So wait you’re making the film about you and the monkey, not Sailor and Lula?

Yes, kinda. I mean we’ll put in some stuff for the fans but I’m more interesting in tooling around America with Jack, the smartest talking capuchin monkey that I know. We’ll have some music and if the weather is good, we’ll keep the top down.

What if the weather is bad?

We’ll probably still keep the top down.

Wild at Heart is imminent.


HOLLYWOOD – Ana De Armas to star in Blue Velvet tv limited series for HBO.

Ana de Armas will play the doomed nightclub singer Dorothy Valens in a new HBO show based on David Lynch‘s 1986 movie Blue Velvet. The ten episode show will start earlier than the film, showing the build up, but it will also follow the events of the celebrated movie.

Showrunner Eli Roth spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

Firstly, I have to say how much I love David Lynch’s original. We’re not going to try and do a carbon copy because what’s the point? Plus, I think times have changed and this timeless story can be updated. It can speak to new generations, who might go back to the original.

How are you going to change it?

We’re getting rid of all that weird stuff. I don’t get it. The bird on the fence and the camera going into the undergrowth. What was that all about? Get rid of all of that. And add a bit more sexy stuff and a ton more gore. That’s what the kids want and more importantly, that’s what I want.

Ana de Armas expressed her joy and wonder at being given the role made famous by Isabella Rossellini:

She is a real complicated portrait of a damaged woman and a femme fatale. I’m also really  looking forward to getting an opportunity to sing. Every episode we’re going to have a nightclub scene and I’ll sing classics from the 50s like Borderline, Papa Don’t Preach and Who’s That Girl?

The roles of Frank and Jeffrey will be announced later. When approached for comment, David Lynch said: ‘Are you f*cking kidding me?’

Blue Velvet will hit HBO soon.


HOLLYWOOD – Ron Perlman has confirmed he will play Tom Waits in the long awaited David Lynch biopic of the singer/songwriter Raindog Trombone.

The Hellboy actor Ron Perlman said that he’s looked up to Tom Waits as a hero. And the opportunity to work with Lynch was ‘something every actor dreams of.’

Based on Barney Hoskins’ biography The Low Side of the Road, the script kicked around development hell for sometime, with various directors from Walter Salles to Martin Scorsese attached.

Lynch came on-board only after the subject of the biopic made the request himself in a beautifully written letter which read:

Dear David,

My name’s Tom Waits. I kinda hope you heard of me, heh heh. Yeah, ahem, I know, I know. You must get letters of this kind all the time, but let me be clear, I ain’t gonna grouse or grovel, gravel and chickens and an ol’ 45 as a plate outside the window fills with rain… They’re tryin’ to get a movie made, of crows breaking black against a low November sky. And I’d sure appreciate it, that is, if’n you’d put your hands to the helm and try and get this rickety ol’ ship of a project off of the blunt rocks. Before the scarecrows attack with their penknives and tattoos of weeping clowns. I’ll pay you five gallons of petrol and a valentine nailed to the forehead of the last lawyer you loved.

Yours in a nightmare’s gown,

T. Waits

And David Lynch’s reply read:

Dear Tom,
Cut the bullshit and tell me how much I’m going to get paid.
Best Wishes

Raindog Trombones is due to start filming at three o’clock tomorrow morning.


HOLLYWOOD – David Lynch is to return to TV once more but this time with a reality show spin off from his hit science fiction movie Dune.

The Harkonnens will follow the family of House Harkonnen as they readjust to be kicked of the planet Arrakis and have to readjust to life in an ordinary suburb of Los Angeles. Davide Lynch came into the Studio Exec bungalow to talk about the project.

The guys were kicking around and lost. I saw that they had nothing to do all day but murder florists, so I asked if maybe they’d be interested in a project. Feyd was trying to get into the music business and the Beast was working as a sous chef at the Pacific Dining Car in West Hollywood. It had all the elements of drama and weirdness that I’m drawn. Plus Vladimir is really big in local GOP politics. Everything seemed topical and now.

But didn’t the Baron and Feyd Rautha die in Dune?

Look when I make a film like Dune, I’m freely adapting the story to my needs. I use some license. So no, is the answer I suppose. They didn’t die. It wasn’t a fricking documentary, Exec, you ass nozzle.

Steady on David.

No, you steady on. I’ve had enough of your ass biscuitry over the years. When you’ve eaten as many squirrels as I have you know the score. So put a cork in it.

Okay. Tell me more about the show.

It’s my first reality, so I’m on a steep learning curve. But if anything it feels better than Twin Peaks: the Return. There we had a whole fan base to placate. With the Harkonnens, no one really gives a shit.

The Harkonnens will show on ShowTime.


HOLLYWOOD – Sting returns to acting with Dune spin-off Old Feyd.

Of all Sting’s many, many acting roles, Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen in Dune is undoubtedly his most iconic. The scene-stealing turn in David Lynch’s iconic science fiction classic captured the imaginations of audiences everywhere. Fans have called for a stand alone Feyd movie for some years and today Sting announced their dreams will come true. Speaking to Chapeau the French cultural magazine de jour, Sting exclaimed:

Everyone knows that Feyd-Rautha died at the end of Dune. But our film asks the question: what if he didn’t?

Denis Villeneuve will direct the new film, according to Sting from a screenplay written by the ex-Police front man.

We’re so excited. I was watching Blade Runner 2049 and just thinking how wonderful Old Feyd will be.

Sting also spoke about the story:

Feyd Rautha survives the fight with Paul Atreides despite seeming dead. He is smuggled back to Geidi Prime where he plots the destruction of House Atreides and his return to Arrakis. But while recovering from the grievous wound Paul inflicted, Feyd becomes interested in middle of the road rock and meditation. The film takes a more philosophical turn as Feyd becomes convinced only music and specifically a kind of watered down reggae can make the universe a better place.

The film arrives in a flurry of Dune related projects, with Denis Villeneuve’s remake already in the works and David Lynch’s long-awaited sequel Dune Messiah due out next year.

Old Feyd will be released in 2019.


47 FILMS: 47. DUNE

In our continuing series of 47 films to see before you are murdered in your dreams we present Dune.

Blue Velvet disturbs and Elephant Man moves, but David Lynch’s Dune is by far his most entertaining film. Based on Frank Herbert’s epic novel, it tells the tale of House Atreides and their move to the desert planet of Arrakis, the only source of the hallucinogenic Spice. Don’t worry. This isn’t about turmeric or something. The Spice allows for the navigators to fold time and space and thus travel vast distances through space.

Paul Atreides – the Duke’s son – is being trained by his weird mom as well as Jean Luc Picard to take over from his father. The  dangers of complicated politics and particularly the threat of the rival Harkonnen house, a family that resembles a less fat and disgusting version of Donald Trump, surround the family and soon mother and son are fleeing into the desert as the family are attacked. Here as the Harkonnen take over the planet, Paul and his magic mum seek refuge with the Freemen. Sorry, I meant Fremen.

Of course, the film has flaws. I can’t think of any, but it has them. Perhaps the last half becomes lost as it does its best to take us through the messianic rise of Paul. But frankly the flaws are also in Herbert’s novel. Like Lord of the Rings, Dune is basically an okay-ish novel, full of mock medieval scrumptons and elevated by the worlds invented around it.

Lynch’s vision is startling and has moments of genuine beauty and ugliness. The cast are superb. The guy from Das Boot, Picard, MacLachlan and Sean Young are great. And then there’s Sting in his pants!  Sting. In. His. Pants.

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HOLLYWOOD – Following six episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return fans are looking forward to it starting.

Twin Peaks: The Return has been back on TV screens for a few weeks now. And hopefully it is going to start soon. Kyle MacLachlan plays a Dale Cooper accidentally mixed with Rain man. His Dougie is one of those magically transformed characters – someone on twitter reminded me of super-powered Nadine in the original show – who test the limits of the world around him.

Of course, that world isn’t real. And the fact that we’re not in Twin Peaks itself for the most part means that the wild at heart and weird on top nature of everything isn’t contained in a township of quirk. Here Las Vegas and New York are just as weird as Twin Peaks. With his new budget, it’d be nice for David Lynch to take us to Paris or London, maybe Cairo as well. There’s no doubting the verve and ambition on display here. Lynch promised the new show to be an 18 hour art movie and that is basically what we are getting.

So far I’ve seen six episodes and here are my thoughts.  The darkness is there. Released from the constraints of network television, Lynch and Mark Frost make explicit the violence and brutality that always lurked in the original show and only came out with Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. As with much that is on television today it is disturbing how much of that violence seems aimed at women. It ain’t mitigated by the humor mixed in with the brutality. The soundtrack to a multiple stabbing scene raised a giggle while I was gasping at the murder.

The drip feed return of old favourites is excruciatingly slow, but that slowness seems to be the point. Some fan favorites get one short scene or even a single shot in the case of the long-awaited Diane. This approach defies expectation, teases and frustrates in equal measure. But having endured Better Call Saul recently, I applaud the the freshness here, the refusal to retread. Meanwhile, we’re getting moments of genuine weirdness. We witness the death of a child in a way which was both tense, terrifying and ultimately devastating. The fact that Lynch maintained the strange acting style of hyper-normality made everything even more excruciating. How can you criticise people reacting to the sudden death of a child, because they’re not polished enough in their performances? Not actorly enough?

My guess is that the structure of the show will follow Fire Walk With Me and these episodes are in effect a prologue which will draw is ultimately back to the town. But by now Lynch and Frost have set out their stall. This is the way things are going to work. My guess is Twin Peaks is only now about ready to begin.

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HOLLYWOOD – Showtime just dropped the trailer for the new Twin Peaks.

David Lynch returns with the new Twin Peaks for Showtime this May. But what did we learn from the trailer?

The Studio Exec FACT team have analysed it with their eyes.

1. Kyle MacLachlan is in it.

2. Kyle MacLachlan is in it.

3. Kyle MacLachlan is in it.

4. Kyle MacLachlan is in it.

5. Kyle MacLachlan is in it.

See for yourself:


HOLLYWOOD – While we’re all waiting for the next Twin Peaks season, David Lynch today announced that he was also planning to write and direct a spin off season of Invitation to Love, the ‘show within a show’ soap opera featured in the cult series.

Twin Peaks is set to return in 2017, but news dropped today that Invitation to Love is also to be granted a stand alone season.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, David Lynch explained what the show will be about:

We loved doing the little inserts of Invitation to Love in the original Twin Peaks. It was always a fun way of commenting on the action of the actual show and it gave us a license to make the story of Twin Peaks quite ridiculous while always seeming strangely real. You see you had the soap opera that the characters were watching and it is just a weird thing. You never see people watching TV on TV and so getting them to do that made our show seem more real, though of course our plot was often as ridiculous as the fake soap opera.

But it is now going to return as a show in its own right?

That’s exactly right, Exec. You see I loved doing them but I always wrote far more for Invitation to Love than we could ever actually use. And so when Twin Peaks got cancelled I would keep on writing episodes of Invitation to Love. Some of them I converted and sold to other TV shows, Gray’s Anatomy bought a couple and the entire finale of Lost is just an Invitation to Love episode with all the characters’ names changed. But when we got the go ahead to start Twin Peaks again it seemed natural that I should do Invitation to Love as a companion piece. It had grown so big though, I knew I couldn’t bear to have the show just exist in snippets so me and Mark Frost decided we would make Invitation to Love as a stand alone series that we would film alongside Twin Peaks.

Lara Flynn Boyle and Kyle MacLachlan are both expected to give guest performances though the main cast has yet to be confirmed.  Sherilyn Fennalso said that she would have a role in the soap opera and also revealed that the plots of the two shows would intertwine. She told Studio Exec:

I think they’re going to be two fun rides. People will be debating the influence of the one show on the other for a very long time. And David being David things are bound to get very, very weird.

Invitation to Love will be shown in 2017.


HOLLYWOOD – Charting the unsuccessful attempt by Deuce Bigalow ‘comedian’ Rob Schneider to make a movie of Frank Herbert’s classic Science Fiction novel, Schneider’s Dune is a thoughtful documentary about an almost masterpiece, an epic and what could have been ‘the best Science Fiction film never made’ (The New York Times).

Often praised by peers as a visionary consistently let down by inferior material, Schneider has also been a lifelong fan of Science Fiction. Throughout the Eighties, the young comedian wrote script after script based on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. When those attempts came to naught and emboldened by his growing success on Saturday Night Live, Schneider turned his attention to the massive 1963 Frank Herbert novel which had previously been made into a film by David Lynch in 1984. Schneider says:

I always felt that the Lynch film had got some major aspects of the book wrong. In a way that film is great as a Lynchian play with the future, but it just doesn’t sustain the sweep of the story and I had a feeling I could do it. 

Casting himself as Paul Atreides, Schneider wrote a script and prepared to direct. George Lucas – a fan of the book and Schneider’s Tiny Elvis – was on board as a consultant and producer, but the two ultimately fell out over a comic character Lucas wanted to introduce into the film, who would later become Jar Jar Binks. ‘This is the one time in comedy history when Rob actually had more taste,’ jokes collaborator John Milius.

Jonathan Demme‘s documentary is an entertaining portrait of a period as well as of the non-making of an almost classic. Talking head interviews with all the principles – except for Meg Ryan who pulled out of the project at a late stage for undisclosed reasons – are enlightening though there is the rosy hue of nostalgia distorting some of the harder economic realities. And despite Schneider’s presence there are moments of genuine comedy such as the casting reel, which shows Robert Downey Jr and James Caan struggling to get into their roles, Duke Leto and the Beast respectively. 

Ultimately, heavy drug use and a spiraling budget doomed the project, but its influence can still be seen in such far flung regions of the galaxy as Paul Blart Mall Cop and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

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TRUE DETECTIVE 2: EPISODE 6: ‘CHURCH IN RUINS’ REVIEW – You know the old Chekhov, ‘If a character practices stabbing a man in five vital points in act one by two someone is going to have to bleed out.’

I think it must be from his essay ‘On Predictability’. The episode begins with something of a cliffhanger. Vince Vaughn and Ray Velcro sit down to have coffee – will Ray have sugar and milk? of course not, he likes his black. How do you say black in French? Noir! Coincidence? I don’t think so – and discuss Ray’s vengeance killing of the wrong guy off of Frank’s tip. Such is the faux (French for fake) drama of this whole set up, that they even end up leaving as friends but without anything that had Ray hammering on the door being actually resolved. I’m coming to the conclusion that Ray’s a bit dim. Nic Pizzolatto really missed a trick when he had Ray go and visit the actual rapist in jail. I would have given him a pass for the whole season if the rapist had been a fat carrot top with a penchant for sulkiness and sitcoms of the 90s. At least Ray is beginning to get the fact that his son is a bit of an amorphous blob who has zero interest in model airplanes. They sit and watch the quietest episode of Friends I’ve ever seen – I mean it was silent – and Friends proves to be the last straw, sending Ray off on a coke and whisky binge. I don’t want to be too judgmental, but Ray looks like he really doesn’t know how to do drugs or alcohol. He even destroys his room!

Meanwhile, Ani (Rachel McAdams) and her sister have knife practice conversation while setting up for the Eyes Wide Shut party.  Ani is so avid about going despite the fact that it is unclear what can be gleaned from such a dangerous move – and in fact Taylor Kitsch’s Paul does the best police work by simply breaking in – that you have to wonder if Ani just wants to take part in an orgy. Again we knock up against the cold fact that what David Lynch could show as the dangerous dark underbelly in the 80s is now simply the belly. This wild orgy involves lesbianism (horrors!), drug taking, voyeurism and sex. In other words, it’s a Tuesday.

Frank (Vince Vaughn) is still stumbling around from trap to trap, looking menacing and sorrowful in equal measure, but his machinations are seriously undermined by the revelation that Ray is his best friend. Vince Vaughn’s staccato delivery of lines. is becoming similar. to the way. William Shatner used to speak. as Captain Kirk.

So Paul has some contracts, Frank has some Mexicans, Ray has some broken furniture and Ani has stabbed someone because of a poorly developed backstory.