SPARTA – The upcoming sword and sandal sequel 300: Rise of an Empire starring Eva Green, Sullivan Stapleton and Rodrigo Santoro is going ‘to be entirely gay’, director Noam Murro has promised.

The new film departs from the original with some dazzlingly choreographed dance routines and some bitchy ‘This is Sparta’ style dialogue added by Sex and the City scribe Darren Star.

Mr. Star commented exclusively to The Studio Exec:

The original 300 directed by Zach Snyder was relatively gay – aimed mainly at a lot of teenage boys who didn’t know they were gay and sublimated it into a love of watching male torsos contorted in slow motion violence, with the occasional spurt of blobby fluid. But with 300: Rise of an Empire we’ve decided to absolute gay it up. 

Star Eva Green said that she was principally attracted to the gayness of the piece.

If you read the history books, you’ll see that Sparta was a society based entirely on homosexuality, with the women being kept in semi-servitude as basically baby breeders. My character is kind of the fag hag of the piece, who basically wants to hang out with all the gays and dance to One Direction

However not everyone is pleased with the new direction. Frank Miller – the author of the original graphic novel and noted conservative – said that the gayness was a betrayal of the purity of his vision of men stabbing each other in their nakedness, repeatedly, until everything was wet.

300: Rise of an Empire is bursting.