HOLLYWOOD – Doctor House actor Hugh Laurie is to play Judge Dredd in a new Netflix show based on the popular British comics character.

‘I am the Law!’ yelled Gregory House actor Hugh Laurie as he was presented as the new chin of Judge Dredd in a new Netflix show featuring the character. Season One of the show simply called Dredd will feature an older Dredd as shown in the latest adventures of the Mega-City One lawman.

Laurie spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I am absolutely flabbergasted at this opportunity. It is something I’ve dreamed of since I first began reading 2000 AD as a young man in England. Dredd is an iconic figure and I’m hoping to bring a slightly more mature vision to the character. I certainly feel I have his acerbic mordant wit off pat.

Dredd has appeared twice as a cinematic role, once played by Sylvester Stallone in the appalling Judge Dredd and Karl Urban in Alex Garland’s more successful Dredd. However, director Garland who will be involved with the Netflix show said that they wanted to try a different direction:

It was important to us that Dredd the TV show was different from the movies even if it exists in the same world as the movie we made. We also want some continuity with Danny Cannon’s Judge Dredd so we are getting Rob Schneider to come in to be Dredd’s comic relief again.

Dredd will be dropped sometime in 2017.


HOLLYWOOD – It’s the news all 2000 AD fans have been waiting for – HBO are going to be making a TV series based on the cult comic strip character Judge Dredd.

Created by Pat Mills, Carlos Ezquerra and John Wagner, Judge Dredd is a futuristic Dirty Harry, who motors around the post-Apocalyptic Mega-City One as judge, jury and executioner of the teeming city.

We spoke to a source close to the production.

This is going to be a great show. We have so many stories that we can do and they’re all basically coming from the pages of 2000 AD the cult British comic that started it all.

So what inspired you to make the show now?

We saw the movie. We thought it was great. Really exciting and it had a lot of stuff visually that looked interesting. We just thought that it also felt like an episode of a television show. It’s hard to give Judge Dredd one big story. He’s a cop and essentially the show will be a procedural, but one set int he future and with plenty of violence.

Will anyone from the movie be involved in the production?

I wish. No, I think Danny Cannon has gone on to other things now and Sylvester Stallone is a bit too old for the role. But we’re hoping to recreate the spirit of the movie and we do have Rob Schneider signed up to reprise his role as Herman ‘Fergee’ Ferguson. He was so f*cking funny! What a guy!

But surely the Dredd movie with Karl Urban was better?

There was another movie? Wow! That sounds great but no, I cannot believe that it was as good as the Danny Cannon version. What I loved about that film was how brave they were to get Dredd to take his helmet off and develop his warmer side. That was the genius and that’s what we hope to do.

His human side?

Sure, he has to fall in love. Otherwise how we going to jimmy all the sexposition into the show?

Judge Dredd will be broadcast in 2017.