HOLLYWOOD – Amazon slate Sesame Streep starring the Muppets and Meryl Streep next year.

Meryl Streep has had a long standing relationship with the Muppets, from an appearance with Susan Sarandon on the show to a recurring Muppet called Meryl Sheep. Now she is to star and produce an anthology series called Sesame Streep, produced by Amazon.

We spoke with the Oscar-winning actress about the new project:

I’m really excited. I’ve loved the Muppets ever since I first saw them. I always engaged with them and thought that they were more than simply entertainment for children. There’s a sadness and honesty to their work. A genuine humanity, whether it’s Kermit and Miss Piggy’s doomed relationship or Fozie Bear’s grotesque inability to be funny.

So how will the show be different?

We’re not making a regular Muppets Show here. What we’re doing is recreating each of my movie hits but with myself as the only human performer. The rest of the roles will be played by Muppets.


I know.

Does that mean…?

We’ll start with Sophie’s Choice.

I was going to ask if you were going to do that.

Michael Shannon

And then we’ll move on to some lighter work like Doubt, Out of Africa, Cry in the Dark and The Deer Hunter.

Don’t you think that doing these shows will… demean your achievements?

Far from it. I see this as both a tribute and an opportunity to actually correct some of the things that were wrong with my films.

What was wrong with your films?

Look at August Osage County. It was okay. I enjoyed it. But just imagined if we did the same film but instead of Ewan MacGregor and Michael Shannon you had Gonzo and Professor Bunsen Honeydew.

I see your point.

I was in Suffragette recently, which I enjoyed, but who can say that the film would not have been much improved by substituting Carey Mulligan with Miss Piggy.

Sesame Streep will show on Amazon in 2019.


NEW YORK –  Meryl Streep’s impersonation of Donald Trump is racist according to Donald Trump.

Meryl Streep’s appearance at the New York Theater Gala dressed as Donald Trump has prompted the presumptive Presidential nominee to complain of racism. The New York tycoon and politician told reporters:

Meryl Streep has crossed the line. I like a laugh as much as the next man. Hell, I make the funniest jokes. All my staff will tell you that. But this Oscar winning actress and star of Sophie’s Choice has gone too far by going ‘Orange Face’.

Hollywood stars distanced themselves from Streep, fearful of incurring the wrath of the man destined to become Il Duce of the New United States of America. Sean Penn said:

We have to fight racism wherever we find it. I would be appalled if someone wore black face and so I should be, if I see someone wearing what can only be described as Orange Face.

Meryl Streep will be appearing in Cry in the Dark 2: The Dingoes Didn’t Eat my Baby.