STOCKHOLM – A new game is sweeping the universe and causing misery and sclerosis wherever you look. It’s the Ingmar Bergman Drinking Game.

Don your beret and PLAY NOW:

  1. Start with The Seventh Seal and every time a character is racked with doubt about the goodness of the universe, drink 1 Diamond White. Anyone who can give a rational defence for a belief in a good God – wins the round.
  2. Quick. Put on The Virgin Spring and and have a pint of Guinness whenever you spot someone guilty of rape, murder or faithlessness. Now the party is started. The round is won by anyone who can learn Swedish, (without any prior knowledge) during the course of the film.
  3. Fanny and Alexander. Now the ball is really rolling, and this four or five hour family saga will give you plenty of opportunity to empty the wine cellar. Last person to still be able to read the subtitles wins the round.  
  4. Time to slow the party down with Cries and Whispers, a meditation on mortality and suffering that goes well with vodka and fish cakes. The player most disgusted with the moral hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie (and who can still say bourgeoisie without spitting) wins.  
  5. Finally, Autumn Sonata. As the fading beauty of Ingrid Bergman bickers with her daughter, drink a glass of absinthe with every argument. At the end of the film, whoever can remember that Ingmar Bergman and Ingrid Bergman are two people – wins the round.