HOLLYWOOD – Daniel Craig announces that he won’t star in Cowboys and Aliens 2.

It’s official. Cowboys and Aliens 2 – the sequel to the 2011 blockbuster and critical success  Cowboys and Aliens – will not star Daniel Craig. Produce Lou Dobster spoke with Studio Exec:

It’s painful but it seems Daniel has chosen to take another road. We were all excited about the possibility of exploring the Cowboys and Aliens universe and the public were rabid in their demand for a new film. But apparently Daniel has other fish to fry. I’m not sure if there’s another Stieg Larsson book to adapt, or perhaps he wants to be in Steven Soderberg’s new male stripper film. But the result is that he’s not coming back to reprise the role of Jake Lonergan.

You sound upset.

Not for myself but the fans. I know how much they were invested in the film. But it’s wasn’t to be. Now, I’ll have to start making phone calls. The hardest will be Harrison. He’s been phoning me up every single night. When are we going to do it? When? he says. Jon Favreau at least can make Chef 2 or go back to political speech writing, but Harrison … I don’t think he has anything else in his life except Cowboys and Aliens.

Has this got anything to do with Craig’s decision to return as James Bond?

Who’s James Bond?

Cowboys and Aliens 2 will star Hayden Christensen.


HOLLYWOOD – Jon Favreau is to sit in the director’s chair once more for his long awaited follow up to Cowboys and Aliens: Pirates and Aliens.

Working from a script written with Gore Verbinski, the new film will not be a direct follow on from the Harrison Ford/ Daniel Craig genre bender and game changer that came out in 2011 to what was thought at the time to be economically disappointing box office. 

“We were ahead of our time,” explains director Favreau. 

We tried to do too much and people weren’t ready for it, running before we could walk . This time round we’ve shifted the action into the past. We even had Spielberg on board at one point and it was going to be Pirates and Dinosaurs and Aliens but he had to go off and do something else and anyway we don’t want to make the same mistake again. 

Details are at the moment hazy, but it is thought that Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are both interested in roles. Favreau also commented that he’d like Kevin James, stating, “He’s an actor who will give the film more serious dramatic heft.’ 

Pirates and Aliens is due for release in 2015.