HOLLYWOOD – Samuel L. Jackson will play the role of Prince Charles in a forthcoming film.

Pulp Fiction star Samuel L. Jackson will play Prince Charles in a new film about the British royal. Scripted by Peter Morgan, The Mutha f’King tells the story of Prince Charles ascension to the throne, following the abdication of his mother Queen Elizabeth II. The role was initially to go to Colin Firth, but Jackson approached the director promising to do the film for free.

Jackson spoke with the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I’m sick of young British actors coming over to the States and taking our roles so I decided I was going back to the old country and get some payback. You think Colin Firth is the only asshole who can do regal. I can go regal on that muthafucka, you’ll see.

Jackson recently made headlines with his assertion that black British actors were doing American roles to the detriment of young American black actors. He is currently leading an effort to reverse the trend.

Director Stephen Frears had this to say about his casting choice:

I wanted people to look at Charles in a different way. People think they know him, but in reality Charles is a very different man in private. Something Sam is able to capture is his foul language, which might come as a surprise but is totally true to the original.

Prince Charles himself said that he was ‘ecstatic’ about the prospect of seeing the film.

The Mutha f’King will be released in 2018.

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HOLLYWOOD- Tom Ford’s third film will be a live-action remake of Disney’s The Rescuers.

Following his successful debut A Single Man and his more recent Nocturnal Animals, fashion designer turned cineaste Tom Ford is to take the helm of a live-action adaptation of Disney favorite The Rescuers. Very little is known about the new version of the children’s classic. Rumor has it that Emily Blunt and Colin Firth are in talks to appear in the roles of Bianca and Bernie, the two mice who go on a mission to rescue a little girl being held captive in a swamp.tom-ford-photo

Tom Ford spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec about his new film:

The difficult thing will be designing the costumes for the actors so that they look like mice. It is going to be very very difficult. I keep telling Disney, you know how we should do this? As a cartoon. But they same to be determined to do it live-action and I don’t know why.

There’s already a cartoon version.

There is? That I did not know. 

Released in 1977.

Huh! How did they get the actors to look like mice?

Well, because it was a cartoon.

Well, you see there you go. Didn’t I just say?

The Rescuers will be released in 2018.


THE QUEEN’S SPEECH – REVIEW – Yesterday saw the release in streaming of the sequel to Tom Hooper’s Oscar winning The King’s Speech, entitled The Queen’s Speech and starring Elizabeth Windsor.

The King’s Speech was a hugely successful film, both commercially and critically and many had high hopes for the sequel The Queen’s Speech, but unfortunately this pedestrian drama is plagued by an uninspiring screenplay, a wooden central performance and an embarrassingly short running time. So where to start? First of all the decision to cast Elizabeth Windsor as ‘herself’ has to be seen now as a huge error. Obviously one that the producers were forced to make after Dame Helen Mirren proved more expensive than simply getting the real thing but as good a monarch as Elizabeth is, she is not a great actress. her line readings were without any kind of emotional warmth and her eyes took on a shark like sheen as she spoke about light and darkness. Gone was Colin Firth’s fragility as the stuttering King George and in was the icy self-confidence of a ruler who has not once doubted her own right or capacity to reign. The script was a jumble of cliches without a single hint at tension, interiority or drama. What might have saved this woeful one note drama would have been the introduction of a Geoffrey Rush kind of character – perhaps played by Ray Winstone – someone called Ralph or Dennis, someone whose everyday normality would contrast and humanize the regal and give us a renewed sense of respect and obedience to the Crown. As it is, The Queen’s Speech feels thin and under-written, emotionally torpid and woefully simplistic. One can only hope that the third projected film in the trilogy Charles in Charged will produce something more stimulating or at least funny.

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HOLLYWOOD – The bear who stars in the new movie Padington was dubbed by English actor Ben Wishaw, The Studio Exec can EXCLUSIVELY reveal.

The news came as a shock to the British films millions of young fans.

‘It’s complete ruddy bullsh*t,’ said Carl (11).

I paid good money to watch Paddington and although I had lots of fun watching his pleasant buffonry and japes, as well as scoffing some top tucker and swilling it down with lashings of ginger beer, I was devilishly put out to discover that there was some actor johnny doing all his lines. Zooks! Let the bear speak, for the love of God’s green earth.

The film’s director, Paul King rushed to explain:

We did try with Paddington’s own voice but unfortunately being from Peru he had a very strong Peruvian accent and his English left a lot to be desired. First of all Colin Firth agreed to do it, but after half a day he threw a wobbly about there being too many green M&Ms in his M&Ms jar and walked off. We had to get Q (Ben Wishaw) from the James Bond films to come in and dub over the bear’s lines.

Although rare and consider dishonest, this is not the first time an actors lines have been overdubbed by people other than themselves. Humphrey Bogart in Beat the Devil was dubbed by Peter Sellers; Darth Vader’s voice was replaced by George Lucas and Caesar in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was dubbed by Antonio Banderas.

Paddington is on current release.  


Colin Firth is made of wood

Colin Firth just ain’t no good

He likes railways

He wears glasses

Has a thing for bad moustaches

Nicole Kidman plays his lady

She gets sad when he goes crazy

But it’s hard to squeeze tear drops

When you have had so much botox

Her husband was in World World II

And for a change he’s not a Jew

The man was tortured, driven mental

By a wicked oriental.

He must go confront that Jap

So he can be a normal chap

And so he goes to face that guy

Who was in The Last Samurai

The editing is all at sea

There’s not a trace of chemistry

But if it was better directed

Oscars would have been expected

Sure it will pick up aBAFTA

Best screenplay and best screen actor

Because the British are so bias

And Colin went on a diet….


HOLLYWOOD – In an ongoing campaign to drown out the dissonance of stupidity, Studio Exec sings lead vocals of sense and truth, battling a dense cacophony of dumb with a rousing aria of 5 FACTs.

1.      Tom Hooper started his career making a series of porn films called Byker Grove from which all the sex was later removed. The far shorter films were shown on British television and horrified the nation, leading to legislation banning the city of Newcastle from ever being shown on screen again.
2.      While preparing The King’s Speech Hooper insisted on an audience with the Queen to go over various incidents that would be covered in the film. He then insisted on sitting on the Queen’s lap, ‘to see how it felt’. He also changed the race of the main character from German to English because Colin Firth couldn’t do a German accent.
3.      While on a press tour to promote The Damned United, Mr Hooper admitted to never having actually watched a game of football and being unsure what it entailed. It became clear that early in production he had mixed it up with polo and the budget had gone up on account of all the horses he had bought. ‘I sold them to Pete Jackson,’ he boasted, eating a cheese and onion pie (who had them killed).
4.      In a daring move, Tom decided that the cast of Les Miserables should all sing live during filming. For the most part this worked, but if you listen very carefully to the scenes involving Russell Crowe Tom Hooper’s voice can clearly be heard off camera saying, ‘Oh God make him stop, oh no please, what have I done? Sweet Jesus, no!’
5.      Tom Hooper comes from a famous theatrical family steeped in the traditions of English music hall. However, Tom is ashamed of this and changer his name to Hooper from Cooper in order to avoid the association.  His facial features are also a little bit too small for his head. 

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