CANNES – Talking to Guy Pearce today – he’s here for the Neighbors movie The Rover. He tells me that he loves Cannes, except for the fact he shares a bathroom with Don Johnson and Johnson leaves the towels on the floor and doesn’t hang them on the rail.

Johnson is here for Jim Mickle’s Cold in July, a brilliant Southern Noir. Johnson told me that when he was researching the role no one asked him to hang towels up, that was the maid’s job. He went on to complain that Pearce does this thing of gargling for five minutes every morning and then doing voice exercises which he can hear ‘as if he was doing it in my f*cking ear’. He also mentioned that The Rover had absolutely nothing to do with Neighbors, which was an Australian soap opera which he did right at the beginning of his career and which he has left behind. It turns out that Johnson has his own bathroom and is only using Mike’s  Guy’s to irritate him.

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