HOLLYWOOD – Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman has been chosen by Jon Favreau to star in his live action adaptation of The Lion King.

It’s the circle of life, every item has started with reporting this news, including this one, as Jon Favreau begins to firm up his plans to make The Lion King live action motion picture. Following a suggestion by the Studio Exec, Jon Favreau has confirmed that Ron Perlman will indeed be playing Mufasa, the father of Simba. Speaking EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Eexec, Favreau had this to say:

I’ve always admired Ron as an actor. He’s a talent who has great presence but at the same time manages to vanish completely into the character. As soon as I saw your tweet I thought, ‘Wow! that’s a great idea’ and I got him on the phone. I asked him if he still had his make up from Beauty and the Beast. He said he did and the deal was done.

As for the rest of the cast, Christopher Walken and Bill Murray are set to return from working with Favreau on The Jungle Book to take the parts of Pumba and Timon.

The Lion King will be released in 2018.


HOLLYWOOD – Everyone knows Christopher Walken, right? Wrong.

Gasp as Studio Exec rips apart the detritus of dumb that surrounds this once fine actor with the hooks and pulleys of factual truth.

1. Christopher Walken did NOT kill Natalie Wood.

2. If Christopher Walken can’t make it to a wedding or someone’s birthday he sends Alan Arkin and usually no one notices.   

3. There was a time before 1987, that Christopher Walken played ‘characters’.

4. Christopher Walken’s ring tone is ‘It’s Raining Men’ by the Weather Girls.

5. The original script of The Deer Hunter had the main characters forced to play Twister but Walken suggested it would be more dramatic if they had to play Russian Roulette. Robert De Niro was against the idea as he had been playing Twister for months in preparation for the role, but he later credited Walken with having saved the movie.  

For more FACTS on everything from this to that click HERE! 


HOLLYWOOD – Following the announcement by Disney that they are to shoot a live action Jungle Book next year – directed by Andy Sirkis and Warner Bros that they will follow it in 2016 with The Jungle Book: Origins, Sony have announced a further take on the much loved Rudyard Kipling novel: The Amazing Jungle Book. Continue reading “3 JUNGLE BOOKS TO BE RELEASED”


WASHINGTON – Veteran screen actor Nick Nolte has donated his face to the Smithsonian Institute to be a permanent exhibit.

Smithsonian director Richard Gervais said that the museum appreciated Nolte’s generosity: 

He has a face like Mount Rushmore. It is like one of John Ford’s Monument Valley landscapes and we are very pleased to have it.

His face will be part of a larger exhibition entitled ‘What the F*ck is That?’ which will also include the top of Grace Jones head, Christopher Walken’s eyeballs and Lindsay Lohan’s liver. Gervais says the exhibition would obviously be planned for the distant future ‘when the owners of the exhibits will no longer have use for them’ as Gervais tactfully put it.

A confused Nolte turned up at the Smithsonian this morning ready, as he put it, ‘to get it on.’  Rumors are also rife that Nolte’s head will later be transported to Mount Rushmore well it will ‘beef things up’.

Nick Nolte’s new film A Walk in the Woods will be released in 2015.


 HEAVEN’S GATE: REVIEW – Michael Cimino once told me he made The Deer Hunter, then immediately began production on Heaven’s Gate after only a day or so in-between.

Once that was done, he’d been making films non-stop for three full years, but at the end of it he finally knew how to make film. He had become, he said, a film director. Problem was, no one would ever give him the artistic freedom to make one again.

Heaven’s Gate passed into legend as the film that sank United Artists, a behemoth production that after 6 days of shooting was 5 days behind schedule. Inaudible dialogue, a confusing plot and an epic Western released in 1980, it would come to epitomise the end of an era for big ego auteur excess and (it has to be said) some pretty high quality New Hollywood product. But the remastered, re-edited and reissued blu-ray and DVD, which I first got the opportunity to see at the Venice film festival, is a revelation. 

Kris Krisofferson plays Jim Averill, the Havard educated Marshal who finds himself in the middle of a violent dispute between the new immigrants from Europe hoping to settle and the cattle barons who see them as a pest and will use any means to be rid of them, including murder. Old friends and new loves are caught up in the violence as Averill tries to see justice done even while the law and the guns are on the wrong side. 

The cast is stellar: Christopher Walken, Sam Waterson, John Hurt, Isabelle Hupert, Jeff Bridges, Joseph Cotton and a young scene stealing Mickey Rourke. Cimino’s eye for a set piece is as  grandiose and anarchic as the West he seeks to portray. If there is confusion and noise here it is because the subject is in a state of becoming, torn by conflicting needs and loyalties. Cimino’s revisionist Western is the whisky drunk cousin to Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven, a dark and pessimistic view of American history. 

I won’t say it’s perfect, but as far as flawed masterpieces go, it’s one of the best.     


CHICAGO – Veteran and award winning actor Christopher Walken was rushed to hospital early this morning, having taken a suspected overdose of a deadly cocktail of irony and self-parody.”

He’s been doing SNL sketches for years,” said pal, Jon Voight, “But they have this Funny or Die stuff, ‘Cooking with Christopher Walken’, and that stuff is fucking lethal.”
Family members knew that he had been working with the Muppets, but thought that it was for back pain and were not overly concerned. In the past, Christopher Walken has also appeared in a Todd Soldenz movie.

“Now,” said Robert De Niro, “we can see that for what it really was, a cry for help.”

Having accrued a body of cult films like Dogs of War and The King of New York, and some all-out classics like The Funeral and The Deer Hunter, Christopher Walken has more recently been taking the piss.

Alan Arkin is expected to be playing all his roles until Walken is well enough to return to serious acting.

Jersey Boys will be released in 2014.