HOLLYWOOD – The titular star of the forthcoming The Legend of Tarzan Alexander Skarsgard has complained that he has been objectified by the filmmakers.

Alexander Skarsgard has gone public with claims that his latest movie, The Legend of Tarzan has objectified him and the director shot him ‘as if I was a piece of meat’.

It’s revolting. I’m a serious actor and I have a lot of ideas as well, and a brain, and a personality. But the minute I came into casting, it was just take off your shirt, stand there. Spraying water on me left, right and center. When I first met the director David Yates, I walked into the room and I couldn’t believe it. He was telling me about the role and I had to say to him ‘My eyes are up here pal!’

The Lord of the Jungle created by Edgar Rice Burroughs sees a new adventure starring a high profile cast. Margot Robbie plays Jane and Captain Leon Rom is played by double Oscar winner Christoph Waltz. Samuel L. Jackson, Djimon Hounsou, John Hurt and Jim Broadbent co-star. Despite his criticism, director Yates had nothing but praise for his star:

Alexander is a very talented actor. I mean have you seen his torso. Imagine him getting all steamed up in the rain forest. Rivulets of sweat running down his chiseled abdominal muscles. Excuse me can we open a window.

We asked Alexander if what he was undergoing might be similar to what his female co-stars had to undergo on a daily basis. Isn’t this just sexism?

Yes but ladies are sexy.

The Legend of Tarzan will be released in 2016.