VENICE – James Franco is here with his sixth film of the year. At the press conference he is all smiles and breezy chat.
‘Why only six films James?’ someone from Sweden asks. 

Well, you see I realized quite early on in the year that I was NOT going to cure cancer so that was two months wasted! In March I wrote a novel in verse about Marina Abramovic and then in April I knuckled down to tackling every major work of Twentieth Century American Literature About Men. I knocked As I Lay Dying of while on holiday with Danny McBride. The other four films are waiting rights clearance, that I kinda forgot.

Could we ask what they are?

Sure. Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow, Catcher in the Rye, something by Saul Bellow, Herzog I wanna say… Oh and The Bell Jar.

But isn’t the Bell Jar about women?

All I can say is that Tim Blake Nelson’s mouth – biologically speaking – is exactly the same as Natalie Portman’s. In the dark if you will. 

James Franco’s Child of God will be released in 2014.