HOLLYWOOD – Chaplin and Iron man star Robert Downey Jr today retired from acting and got a job as a librarian.

Robert Downey Jr retired as an actor after a series of hits, in order to concentrate on his work as a librarian.

The Less Than Zero star spoke with the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about the change in direction:

I’ve always loved libraries. I like the atmosphere and the smell of books and old carpet. When I was a child I’d go tot he library and just hang out. Even as I began to work in films, I’d always find time to visit the local library wherever we were shooting. Sometimes the librarian would let me stamp out a couple of books and I tell you, I was hooked.

What appeals to you about library work?

The promotion of education, encouraging the love of reading, giving homeless people a warm place to sleep in the afternoon. All these things are important to me. But most of all I love shushing people. To give a correctly loud and sharp shhhh! has to be the most satisfying thing in the world. I’ve worked with some of the best directors in the world; the most talented actors and actresses, but nothing compared to shushing a teenager and seeing the respect and fear in their eyes. Iron Man is nothing to Librari Man!

Robert Downey Jr. will be appearing in the New York Public Library in 2018.


HOLLYWOOD – While promoting his blockbusting new film Iron Man 3, Robert Downey Jr. hinted at a press conference in Quebec that he might be returning to acting after a fifteen year absence.

‘I do miss it,’ he said. ‘And should the right script come along I might be persuaded, but I am making a lot of money just being me with different names.’

In a moment of almost embarrassing candor he continued:

Acting is actually quite hard work. You have to get a character and maybe even research him or at least think about him and then pretend to have these emotions and experiences and what not. With Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, I’m just me and then we swap the names in post.

Downey Jr. cited Chaplin as the film when he last put in a proper performance. ‘Since then it has been free-wheeling fun,’ he laughed.

Downey Jr. reacted angrily however when one journalist – Xavier Poulis of the French cultural magazine Chapeau – asked him if he would apologize for his participation in Shaggy Dog, a Tim Allen ‘comedy’ which caused widespread offence in the Islamic world because ‘it was shit’. Downey snarled:

As an artist I would defend anyone’s right to express themselves freely, and I think as a kind of hack, I ought to have the same rights as an artist.

Iron Man 3 something something money money.