HOLLYWOOD – Todd Haynes has confirmed that Robert Allen Zimmerman AKA Bob Dylan will play award winning actress Cate Blanchett in his long awaited biopic Carte Blanchett.

I considered Neil Young, Springsteen and Nick Cave for the role” said a suspiciously jolly Haynes. “But Cate did such a great job playing Dylan in ‘I’m Not There’ it stands to reason that Bob would be equally adept at playing her. We thought we’d have a problem getting him to agree to the nude scene but he was cool and said he’d just drink a bottle of Scotch and tuck it behind.
Dylan has been taking his preparations for the role so seriously, that during his recent gigs he has taken to dressing up as characters Blanchett has played throughout her illustrious career.
We thought Bob had lost his mind,” said tour manager Butch Race. 
He turned up on stage wearing a white dress and fake pointy ears and sang ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ in this crazy  language that later I found out was something called ‘Elvish’. Then the next night he came on dressed as Elizabeth 1st I mean, Bob’s a great artist and all, but he’s taking this Blanchett thing a little too far.
Jefferson Rolo from ‘Inside Hollywood’ magazine, claims the film is going to feature a host of secret cameos by Dylan’s friends and fellow musicians.
I don’t want spoil anything. But I have it on good authority that Willie Nelson will be playing Bruce Willis and Leonard Cohen is in negotiations to play Dame Judy Dench.

 Carte Blanchett is due to be released in 2016.