In our increasingly innumerate series of 47 films to see before death, we present Hal Ashby’s Shampoo.

Warren Beatty as a megastar is something of a fading memory. His director’s career hasn’t been as prolific as contemporary Clint Eastwood. Even as an actor, appearances diminished over the years. His big flop Ishtar became a smudge on his bankability. When a hit arrived with Dick Tracy, it never transformed into the kind of franchise to establish him in the minds of a new generation. But his star shone brightly. With films such as Bonnie and Clyde, The Parallax View and Splendor in the Grass, Beatty straddled Hollywood leading man status with a keen eye for the counter-cultural moments of the time. His appearance in Hal Ashby’s Shampoo is a case in point.

Scripted by Robert Towne in collaboration with Beatty, Shampoo tells the story of a hairdresser George (Beatty) who is looking to open his own shop. He swings from an obvious artistry to his profoundly wide-ranging libido. With multiple affairs going on, the husband of one of his lovers Lester (Jack Warden) might be willing to put up the money. It just so happens though that Lester’s extra-marital affair is with Jackie (Julie Christie), one of George’s exs. Goldie Hawn plays George’s current girlfriend, who herself is having to choose between her career and her relationship with George. Thinking George is gay (a hairdresser), Lester asks him to chaperone Jackie to a political fundraiser he will be attending with his wife.


The synopsis is one thing. It sets up very obvious ideas and oppositions. The cuckold versus Lothario, the artist versus the capitalist. In the background we also have a very obvious counterpoint in the Nixon Presidency and his famed Silent Majority versus the Hollywood based counterculture. What today we call the liberal elite. All of this works. But what it misses is the way Ashby brings out the other characters. A throwaway and thankless part like George’s boss at the salon is suddenly struck by the death of a loved one in an accident. Lester himself reads as a cardboard cut out. And yet Warden gives the character real sadness. He’s genuinely lost in a changing world. George himself comes across as a deeper man than we first assume. Just like Beatty, we can dismiss him as a hairdo attached to a penis, but despite his protestations and his selfishness, he harbors genuine sensitivity.

The razor sharp script, the excellent acting – a young Carrie Fisher makes her debut – and Ashby’s sensitive direction make Shampoo a brilliant portrait of a moment in time (1968), when things looked like they might change. And they did but not in the direction we hoped.

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HOLLYWOOD – Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi hits screens worldwide this week.

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi arrives in cinemas but does it blow up the Death Star or just explode on the surface. Here are FIVE takeaways, but be warned these are SPOILERS.

1 The first hour is a real drag. Star Wars was originally inspired by the Flash Gordon Saturday morning serials and here the Star Wars franchise has become like that. Familiar characters go off and do different things. But none of this quite amounts to the status of story. Time and space are manipulated in an offhand way. Travelling across the galaxy with a deadline counted in hours feels wrong. It minimizes the scale we’ve come to expect. And some of the stories feel like TV episode filler. Especially with Finn (John Boyega) and Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) Go to the thing and get the thing that’ll do the other thing while jeopardy happens that’ll take x hours. As much as Force Awakens lacked originality, it was exhilarating. This felt middle-act-humdrum.

2  In a telling scene, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) tosses the light saber over his shoulder, mirroring the film’s own dismissive attitude to many elements set up by JJ Abrams’ first instalment. Luke for one was this big reveal in the first of the new films. Here, he spends a long part of the movie refusing ‘the call to adventure’, but it never calls again. Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Luke’s relationship doesn’t deepen. The offing of Snoke was a great scene, but again had a Game of Thrones abruptness. It seemed more intent on wrong-footing the audience than anything else.

3  Leia (Carrie Fisher) flying. I get that Leia is essentially a Jedi, strong in the force. But the moment she flew her character – and perhaps the series – hid in the fridge. I feel toward Star Wars now how I felt toward the Harry Potter films. I’ll go and see them and enjoy them. But I’m not invested. All the characters have ‘moments’, but I’ve lost sight of any real arc.

4 The humor. Force Awakens was funny – in a smart TV show way. The Last Jedi is more funny in a Jar Jar way. Cute/disgusting aliens, some comedy gurning – Finn has become a particular adherent, but Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac run him a joint second. And then the overplayed winking actually detracts from the movie. When Luke flicks dirt from his robe emerging from the lethal bombardment, I felt that was Mark Hamill doing that; not Luke. I could hear the conversation: ‘Hey what if I wink at C3PO?’ Luke’s character was always the most sincere, the most driven. When did he become this jokey semi-serious granddad?

5 Luke’s death. This was the most baffling moment of the film. Why make the twist that Luke is not actually there – using his force to project himself into the minds of the others – to then make the consequences exactly the same as him being there. I loved the moment that he revealed himself to Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren. It was epic. My highlight of the movie. It seemed to go in a really different direction. No, we’re not going to have the obligatory death.

5 b. Not every film has to have the same emotional beat – and this goes with the action too. We don’t always have to have the clock ticking while two sets of characters have to accomplish two different tasks. The algebra is becoming nakedly predictable. This is movie magic by algorithm.

To be clear, I quite enjoyed the film. Especially the last hour. But Star Wars ought to be great and for me this felt like the beginning of the end of my fascination with the series.


HOLLYWOOD – The world of entertainment was in shock today as everyone who hasn’t already died in 2016 has died.

The news broke on twitter when everyone’s agent released the following statement:

We are very sad to report that late last night everyone not already dead died. It happened peacefully. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Tributes didn’t flow in from anywhere because those people were dead as well. The deaths come in what have been a bumper year for celebrity deaths, following the deaths of Prince, Leonard Cohen, Anton Yelchin, David Bowie, George Michael, Gary Shandling, Alan Rickman, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

Everyone else has now died, except for Keith Richards.


NEW YORK – An obsessive spoiler phobic Star Wars fan has been told that he can come down and watch the film now, three weeks after the films release.

Obsessive Star Wars fan Colin Hardwright was so worried about hearing spoilers, or having The Force Awakens spoiled via teaser trailers, posters or story leaks that he built himself a fifty foot high pedestal in Manhattan, New York and scaled it on February 16th, 2015.

Colin’s wife Phyllis Hardwick explained Colin’s thinking to the Studio Exec:

Colin is a die-hard Star Wars fan and has been super excited about the new film ever since it was announced. He managed to avoid the first trailer but he knew that there would be more promotional material and he also knew that people might tell him something, even innocently, about I don’t know, the casting or something. So he had been reading about early Christian mystics and he got this idea of going up a pedestal until it was all over.

So then why didn’t he come down for three weeks after the film’s release?

The only problem was we were all so used to him being up there and we were excited by the film and then I wanted to see it again with my new husband. Then there was Christmas and the whole thing in the holidays. You know how during the festive season you forget what day it is, and you’re like, is it Thursday? and I sort of did that but with Colin. I mean, I’ve got a horrible feeling I might have inadvertently committed bigamy.

So what was Colin’s reaction when he finally saw the film?

We didn’t realize it, but he was quite weak. I mean his muscles had atrophied from always being in the same position. So after he descended from the pillar we were getting him to the other side of the road, but he was quite slow and he got hit by a bus.

Oh my God. Is he okay?

He’s kind of dead.

But at least he saw the film, right?

No he died instantly. I mean bang! Weren’t you listening?

Star Wars The Force Awakens is in theaters.



HOLLYWOOD – Star Wars: The Force Awakens is currently smashing every record at the Box Office but there was one audience member who wasn’t entirely won over: George Lucas.

In an email to J.J. Abrams, George Lucas has expressed his feelings fully and candidly about Episode 7 of the Star Wars saga: The Force Awakens. The Studio Exec has EXCLUSIVELY received a copy of this email. Because of the newsworthiness of this particular item of correspondence, we have decided – after literally seconds of deliberation – to make it publicly available. Be warned, it does contain SPOILERS (if you want to read our SPOILER FREE review Click Here).

Hi JJ,

It was neat of you to let me have that sneak preview. I really enjoyed it, but – as you can imagine – I do have a few notes. Obviously you’ve made the film and do with them what you will. What do I know? I’m only the guy who INVENTED THE WHOLE F*CKING UNIVERSE *joking*. Okay, so here they are.

Luke Skywalker. WTF? Where is he? The whole movie I’m waiting for Luke Skywalker. Okay, he’s disappeared, but for the entire movie. Han Solo had disappeared in Return of the Jedi. Ten minutes into that film he was found, defrosted and back in the action. Christ almighty, JJ. This is Star Wars 101 here!

R2D2 spends the whole movie asleep. Not cool. This BB8 bullshit is never going to catch on. All that rolling around. Eeew. Reminds me of a Goddamned hairless testicle! And where is Jar Jar Binks? Surely you need some comedy in the film. I mean for the kids. No one stepped in ‘doo-doo’ or got their tongue paralyzed. Seriously, are you the same JJ who thought up the ending of Lost?

You misspelled Tatooine. Jakku? Not even close.

Han Solo and Leia. Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are great obviously but I would have cast new actors to make them look a bit younger. I caught Taylor Lautner in The Ridiculous Six (very funny BTW). He would be perfect as Solo and Keira Knightley as Leia would have been a natural. File under missed opportunities.

14 parsecs – 12 parsecs – it’s a unit of space not time – asshole! And what was that bullshit with the Deathstar and the Starkiller base? Were you seriously just saying my dick is bigger than George’s dick? Is that what that was? Is it?

Kylo Ren should get his hand cut off (obviously).

Other than those minor criticisms I thought the film on the whole was moderately enjoyable. There are two more films coming up so I would give you some further advice if I might. The second film should be darker, the way Empire Strikes Back was. I would call it something like The Gungans Strike Back. Or Return of the Midi-chlorians. Those would be my favorite titles.

Live Long and Prosper, JJ.


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HOLLYWOOD – The new international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is over ninety minutes long and features tons of new footage.

The new international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens dropped on the internet today via Japan. It is ninety minutes long and features entire scenes and much of the story. So far was have had character poster (CLICK HERE) and a shorter trailer from which we already learned 117 things (CLICK HERE).

The new trailer features Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega, but still no Mark Hamill and no Hayden Christensen as yet. J.J. Abrams spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about the new international trailer:

We began with teasers and just glimpses and everyone got really excited so then we decided to give you basically two thirds of the film. With mainly got music on it and a few other things, but this way there’s only going to be about half an hour of stuff you haven’t seen. It’s going to be marvelous.



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HOLLYWOOD – Star Wars: The Force Awakens character posters have been released and reveal a surprising inclusion alongside Princess Leia, Han Solo, Rey, Kylo Ren and Finn.

There is no Luke Skywalker, but the Star Wars: The Force Awakens character posters did reveal one surprise inclusion: Anakin Skywalker, played by Hayden Christensen. It seems unlikely that Anakin will appear in the main action in the film but his appearance has led many commentators and bloggers to include that there might well be a substantial flashback section of the film, relating to the early and much loved prequels. Christensen’s inclusion in the cast had already been revealed by the Studio Exec when we published Exclusive images: click HERE. He will join Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega as well as Mark Hamill, presumably. But not Alec Guinness as we learned here

Xavier Poulis, owner and commentator of ManyBothansDied.Net, writes:

Hayden Christensen’s inclusion does seem to screw with the timeline and one can only assume that J.J. Abrams is returning to the prequels to try and rectify some plot points. What will be interesting is how this works out with the other stories that we know are taking place and what this back story will mean to the actual action of the film. I think I am not alone in saying that all fans will be pleased to have Hayden Christensen back in any shape or form. He is a class act. I do worry about the story of his inclusion in Rogue One though.

However, some have claimed that the delay in the release of the Hayden Christensen and the slightly different aesthetic might indicate that it is in fact a fake. Perhaps placed by Christensen himself who is still waiting for production to begin on Jumper 2.  This theory was put to rest by an email received last night from J.J. Abrams which said:

Hey, Studio Exec!

Hayden Christensen is definitely in the movie. He has a small but really important part and he is an excellent actor. I think Jumper 2 is going to blow us all away.

Best Wishes

Hay  J.J. Abrams.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.

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HOLLYWOOD  – In the latest of our ‘Making of…’ series, we look at Irvin Kershner’s Science Fiction epic The Empire Strikes Back.

The Idea

In 1970 George Lucas wrote a short science fiction novella entitled ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. He gave it to his old film teacher Irvin Kershner to read. The older man was very impressed. He wrote this note to the film school graduate:

Hi George,

Just read your short novel and I have to say it bowled me over. I love the characters and the universe you have created. Princess Leia and Han Solo are particular favorites. And the two robots R2P0 and C3D2, hilarious! I tihnk it works well both as a work of fiction and as a possible treatment for a motion picture. My only worry is that these characters are thrown together in a very random way. I didn’t feel there was much of a build up to the revelation that Luke Skywalker is Darth Vader’s son, and why are such unlikely people like Han and Leia in each other’s company in the first place? I figure you need some more backstory on screen.

Lucas took the admonition so much to heart that he wrote the screenplay of Star Wars as a prequel to his original novel. He found out to his dismay that the studios preferred the prequel to his original darker vision. He wrote to fellow film maker John Milius:

I wanted to make a real adult piece of Science Fiction with real characters who we can understand and feel for but they want the more simplistic gee-whizz stuff so I guess that is the price I’ll have to pay. They even want me to change the names of the robots. Isn’t that stupid?

Milius advised him to shelve his novel and make the film that the studios wanted, but once it was made and was a spectacular success, Lucas returned to his original plan and his original reader as director.


Filming took place in 1979 and included location shooting in Norway and studio work in England, UK. Norway proved as problematic as Tunisia had for the first film and there was a terrible snow storm that made filming almost impossible. Kershner wrote in his autobiography, Kershner Writes Backs:

We were trying to grab shots here and there. We filmed a scene of Harrison Ford from the safety of the hotel with poor Harrison stumbling about in the snow outside. He froze solid and we were worried he might be dead, but eventually he thawed out. However, once George heard about this he started scribbling and changed the script to include the carbonite freezing scene.

The Dagobah set was particularly unpleasant with Mark Hamill complaining that the British crew would often take shits in the swamp ‘as a joke. It was disgusting. The British sense of humor left a lot to be desired, but once I came back from lunch and there was Carrie Fisher dropping heat herself.’

Hamill also found the actor playing Yoda difficult to work with.

‘He was very resentful and would take offence at even the slightest reference to size, or ears, or the color green. People think of him as this wizened old guru, but in reality he was a twisted alcoholic asshole who would reduce the script girl to tears just for kicks.


Upon its release, The Empire Strikes Back was hailed as a masterpiece. It won a bucket of Oscars as well as critical recognition from all the international film festivals including Locarno, Berlin, Venice and Cannes. Spurred by the success, Lucas went on to write Return of the Jedi. However, his creative powers were in sad declined due to his addiction to bubbly gum which he had succumbed to while filming in England. ‘He was getting through twenty packets a day,’ says Carrie Fisher. ‘At one point he couldn’t talk because he would just keep blowing bubbles. It was around this time he told me that he had actually written some other prequels for Star Wars, but he said they were horrendous and he would only ever contemplate doing them if he became a venal hack with no sense of artistic quality.’

The Empire Strikes Back was released in 1980.

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 Hidden Gems is a series bringing to light little known filmic gems and rarities that have somehow managed to slip hrough the collective cinematic consciousness. You’re welcome. This week: Star Wars.

In 1977, a brilliant directorial talent filmed an action packed adventure film that appealed to young and old alike, winning plaudits from critics and proving a massive success with the wider public. But aside from Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, there was another film released in 1977 called Star Wars.
Star Wars was a small independent art house film, written and directed by an auteur called George Lucas. It told the beguilingly simple tale of two gay robots facilitating a communist rebellion against an evil empire and inadvertently encouraging incest in the process. Mark Hamill played Luke Skywalker, the farm boy who takes off on a wonderful adventure with the gay robots, a Samurai knight of the round table, a cowboy and his dog to rescue Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher). As Luke becomes increasingly indoctrinated into the political ideology of resistance, he fails to notice the apparent contradictions of Red rebellion being lead by a member of the royal family and employing terrorist techniques. Only in the finale, and with the Empire apparently defeated, does he realizes in that chilling final shot. The heroes stand with fixed grins as slowly the realization dawns that they are in the middle of a massive Nazi rally.  Although there were talks of possible sequels, George Lucas – arguing that he was a serious artist and not wishing to repeat himself –  went on to make some of the most challenging and beautiful American cinema of the next three decades.


HOLLYWOOD – The script for the new episode of Star Wars: The Force Awakens leaked onto the internet today and we are publishing an EXCLUSIVE extract.


Chewbacca and Han Solo enter the Millennium Falcon.


Chewie, we’re home!




I’ll put the kettle on. Have we got biscuits?


Han Solo hunts for biscuits. They’re in the bottom cupboard.


It’s so good that we’re done with the adventures and all that.  No Death Star to blow up. No Empire to defeat.  I’ve got a good feeling about this.

Chewbacca puts his slippers on.




You can say that again buddy.


Chewbacca and Han Solo recline on La-Z-Boys sipping cocoa and nibbling on ginger snaps.


I mean adventures, shooting storm troopers, getting frozen in carbon, captured by Ewoks. How are your English lessons coming on?



You should speak English more.


And forget my Wookie heritage? No thank  you.

Fair Point.

A hologram of Princess Leia appears on the table.


Help me Han Solo. You’re my only hope.


Oh hey Leia.


Can you pick up the kids? I know I’d said I’d go but …

Must I do everything myself? Why can’t their Uncle Luke go?


And you know how Luke has the Force, his father had it, his mother had it, his sister (that’s me) has it… Anyway, loads of us have it.




Well, you know how the Force sometimes goes to sleep?

First I’ve heard about it.


Well, the force is asleep basically so I can’t pick the kids up, neither can Luke, Dad can’t because he’s … well… dead.


Okay, so I’ll go and pick them up because I don’t have the Force.




And this is like all this week?


Until the Force awakens, yep. A week tops.

Princess Leia hangs up.


Okay Chewie, looks like we’re doing the school run.




You’re right. It does suck balls.



HOLLYWOOD – Here are 5 five things we learned from the new Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Trailer.

The Studio Exec FACT squad has been on red alert all day watching the new The Force Awakens trailer on a loop and we have detected a disturbance in the FACTS. We’ve turned off our targeting computers and can now safely say: may the FACTS be with you.

1. It looks almost certain that Harrison Ford is going to participate in the new Star Wars film. How they kept this a secret is still a mystery, but brilliantly done J.J. Abrams! Now, there has been some discussion as to who Harrison Ford will play, with some thinking him a shoo-in for his old role of Han Solo, but there’s always a chance that Mark Hamill will play Solo and Harrison Ford will play Luke Skywalker – just like the switcheroo in the last Abrams’ directed Star Trek film.

2. Harrison Ford is definitely not playing Chewbacca, who you can see in the final shot standing right next to him. It looks like Chewbacca will be entirely CGI this time round, which will come as a relief to all of us who thought there were far too many real people in the Prequels. Carrie Fisher has been CGI for the last five years in preparation for the role.

3. There will be light sabres. A bit of a shocker here. Given this film is set some years on from the end of Return of the Jedi, many of us were hoping that the old fashioned weaponry of the Jedi would have been updated to something more fancy. Rather than a light sword, what about a light gun?

4. R2D2 is now a father. His son is a cheeky little devil and I imagine the inspiration comes from the old Scooby and Scrappy cartoon which George Lucas has gone on record as calling the ‘fountainhead of everything I do’. Along with Joseph Campbell.

5. Everyone Luke Skywalker knows is strong in the force. As his voice over states, ‘The Force runs strong in my family. My father had it, I have it, my sister has it, you have it…’ The you is obviously me, because I was watching the trailer when he said it and there was no one else there, so I’ll be turning off my targeting computer and destroying Death Stars before you can say ‘Those are not the FACTS we were looking for.’

 For more FACTS click HERE.


HOLLYWOOD – Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, Rian Johnson revealed he will be sexing up Star Wars in his new stand alone movie.

Sex has always been a subject of some reticence in the Star Wars universe – from Princess Leia’s taped nipples to the dangers of incest – but all that is to change in Rian Johnson’s stand alone Star Wars film which the Looper director has declared is going to be ‘wall-to-wall copulation.’

Star Wars for me was a very adolescent discovery. I was into it as a boy and then going through puberty I started to ask questions, imagine things, situations, sexy situations if you will, on Jabba the Hutt’s slave barge for instance or slithering about in the trash compactor. Huh, huh.

Wow! So how is this going to effect the new film?

When I first talked to Kathleen [Kennedy, the producer] about the  film, she said she wanted my version to be the first NC-17 Star Wars picture. We talked about the various sexual fantasies we had about the Star Wars universe and she gave me carte very blanche.

So the story?

The story I can’t tell you too much about, except to say that I spent a lot of time re-watching Paul Verhoeven’s  Showgirls. As for the rest of it, we are going to have a sexy cantina scene. The Imperial Court is a bit like that scene in Eyes Wide Shut. And there are other uses for Droids which will finally reveal what we really mean when we talk about a ‘protocol droid’.

Star Wars: The Force Arouses will be released in 2016.



HOLLYWOOD – Star Wars 7 Trailer will be released in theaters Friday, but the Studio Exec has had a sneak peek.

The trailer is four minutes long and here are 5 things we have learned (SPOILERS for the trailer below).

1. The trailer begins with the lines ‘Once Upon a Time in a Galaxy Far Far Away…’ Then – appears under the Bad Robot logo and then we have John Williams’ wonderful score, which swells with the welcome addition of a blistering guitar solo and some rapping from Eminem: ‘We’re not mistakens when we tell you that the Force, she Awakens!’

2. Jar-Jar Binks is back and Missah issa older. But despite the maturity gained with the passing of the years, he still manages to step into some sh*t, with hilarious consequences.

3. Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are all apparently part of some alternative time line and meet their younger selves who are in turn played by Shia LaBeouf (Han Solo), Chris Pine (Luke Skywalker) and Keira Knightly (Princess Leia).

4. The ghosts of Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and a confused looking Wedge seem to follow Luke Skywalker around and help him with housework. By death Yoda’s syntax has not improved been.

5. Lightsabers cause an unsurprising amount of lens flare

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HOLLYWOOD – Today, Spike Lee launched a scathing attack on Oprah Winfrey and Lee Daniels for their new film, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, which stars Forest Whitaker as a butler who works for a succession of eight Presidents, living through the turbulence of the Vietnam war and the Civil Rights movement.

The Malcolm X director fumed: “He just picks stuff up.”

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, Lee yelled:

Lee Daniels’ The Butler kisses butt when it should kick butt. Forest Whitaker just stands around doing stuff for a bunch of white folk in the White House. There are no alien invasions, no asteroids hurtling towards the Earth and no terrorists kidnapping the President, who should be Morgan Freeman by the way. You can be sure as shit if Whitaker was Steven Seagal or Bruce Willis he’d spend more time kicking ass and less time picking stuff up, or just standing there.  

Equally outraged was black activist Carrie Fisher, who wrote in her blog Something Fishery:

Lee Daniels’ The Butler‘s bullshit. We see the White House and we’re waiting. Whitaker turns up to do an ordinary job, a servant’s job basically, but we think he’s probably ex-Special Forces. It’s tense. We wait. One president, nothing, then two presidents. What the fuck? Three presidents, four? In the end there are eight Goddam presidents and not one time does the White House get infiltrated by terrorists. Not once. Or blown up by an asteroid. It’s bullshit.   

Harvey Weinstein, whose Weinstein Company produced the film, issued the following statement: 

We were expecting a lot more from Lee Daniels’ The Butler. Frankly we were misled. Once Lee Daniels said that Lee Daniels’ The Butler was set in the White House there were three ways it could go: asteroid, terrorists, or the President’s dog. I’m sad to say that Lee Daniel’s The Butler falls down on all three counts. We shall be seeking legal compensation. 

Lee Daniels’ The Butler 2: With Terrorists will be released in 2015.