HOLLYWOOD – Hacktivists who started off the #CancelColbert campaign were today celebrating their victory in ousting ‘satirist’ and ‘self-confessed Nazi’ Stephen Colbert from his Comedy Central show The Colbert Report.

A source close to Hacktivist Suey Park said:  

We all feel very vindicated that Stephen Colbert has been hounded from his top rated and award winning show. This is only the beginning. His career is now effectively other, but we have been going through his past broadcasts and I have to say there is evidence that he has multiple times said something of a dubious character, under the cover of ‘humor’.

But surely his hosting of The Late Show is a kind of promotion?

No, we don’t see it that way at all. The Late Show will be a terrible thing, a kind of punishment for Colbert. Because it’s on late. He’ll have to stay up late to do it and no one will watch it because it’s late. It’s in the name, genius. 

You’ve never seen The Late Show, have you?  

I don’t own an Ideological Brain Oppressor.

You mean a television.


And you don’t have a sense of humor?

Oh, you mean I don’t have the ability to parse irony from statement; that I don’t have the flippancy to laugh while 25 Billion people died in Africa somewhere this year? To giggle while wars continue in Vietnam and the Falkland Islands? No, I don’t. And I’m proud of it.

The Late Show will be cancelled sometime in 2015.