HOLLYWOOD – We found 5 potatoes that look like Mr Robot star Christian Slater.

Christian Slater – star of Pump up the Volume, Heathers and Broken Arrow – has always vaguely resembled a potato. Imagine our horror and confusion when we found a series of potatoes that look exactly like the sub-Jack Nicholson star! 


potato 2


potato 3

Potato 2 was sent in by Alfie Garnett and he wrote: ‘I found this wonderful potato in my garden I was about to peel it when my wife said “that looks just like that actor who used to be famous.”‘         

Potato 3 comes courtesy of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, though she might have been a little fuzzy at the time. She accompanied it with an email about how ‘I’m going to completely clear the kitchen out when I come across this unbelievable root vegetable that looks identical to the star of erm… Young Guns I want to say?’       
Potato 4

Potato 4 was flown in from Japan where it was discovered by cult film director ‘Beat’ Takeshi: ‘I hate Christian Slater and was revolted at the idea of eating a potato that looks like him. So I made chips. Ha ha!’

Potato 5 – perhaps the most perfect Christian Slater like potato – was so arrogantly breezy about its resemblance to The Name of the Rose star that the potato turned up at the Critics Choice Awards, claiming it was actually Christian Slater. 
potato 5


HOLLYWOOD – John Travolta is one of the most popular stars of all time but what do we really know about him?

I’ve got FACTS they’re multiplying! And I’m losing control:

1. It’s hard to choose a stand out role in this fine actor’s long career: Tony Manero, Danny Zuko, Vincent Vega, Chili Palmer, Battlefield Earth dude or Robert Shapiro. However, John Travolta considers Broken Arrow his masterpiece. ‘I don’t know what it is about that movie,’ he said. ‘Everything seemed to go right. John Woo was a great director, Christian Slater was such a fresh young talent and I got to say the line, ” Would you please not shoot at the thermonuclear weapon?” which is the kind of line every actor dreams of saying.’

2. Not only can John Travolta can fly an airplane, he can do it with no hands. And when the plane takes off, he always likes ‘to pop a wheelie’ before soaring into the wide blue yonder.

3. When filming Grease it soon became apparent that John Travolta’s singing voice wasn’t strong enough. And so Billy Joel overdubbed all the songs and much of the speaking parts.

4. To research American Crime: The People v O.J. Simpson, John Travolta spent hours watching television and wearing clothes. The television program he watched was Friends because he wanted to feel close to Ross Kardashian.

5. Although there are many people who criticise Mr. Travolta’s adherence to the Church of Scientology, as a humorous website we applaud it and hope that it long may continue.

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Hidden Gems brings to light little known film gems which have somehow slipped through the collective cinematic consciousness. You’re welcome.

The fifties were an innocent time. Cheerleaders in bobby socks, Rock n’ Rollers in leather jackets and slicked back hair, Summer loving happened some would say too fast and everyone went to school until they were in their mid-thirties. Olivia Newton-John plays Sandy Olsen, an Australian housewife who has come to America to hang out in high school. John Travolta is Danny Zukko, a slightly younger version of the Fonz, who falls for Sandy during a brief holiday romance, only to find her at his school. Unable to connect with her again because of the homo-eroticism of his middle aged man leather gang, Danny spoons around singing and Sandy, befriended by the local girls (less so the acerbically fun Stockard Channing), sings about girl’s nights etc.

There’s a James Dean style dragster race along a dry river bed, a dance contest and a subplot about pregnancy, but we’re all just marking time happily enough until school breaks up once more and we finally can fly off into space on a magical car!

The genius of this little known film – you are more likely to have seen Grease 2 – is its absolute pig-headed determination to not give a shit. It is exuberant fun with a bucket of good tunes, breezy good humor and the sense that youth is wasted on the young, so we’ll be young again too. John Travolta took years to recover from the disappointment of the films commercial and critical failure, only resurfacing in the mid nineties with Broken Arrow.

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